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Queen Mary's Physicists of the Year

Two APS Physics students have been awarded the Queen Mary's University Physicist of the Year award.  Queen Mary University run this award to allow different schools across London to reward a GCSE student for their contribution and aptitude for physics.  Kelly Fitzgerald, year 12 and Liliana Newsam-Smith, year 10, attended an awards evening at Queen Mary University last week, which consisted of a lecture and several demonstrations.  Here are the reasons why Kelly and Liliana were nominated.

Kelly was nominated for her consistently impressive physics exam results and her enthusiasm for the primary school science club, where she planned and lead science club sessions at a local primary school.  Liliana was nominated for her impressive physics exam results and for her enthusiasm for the Highgate masterclasses.

Congratulations to both students.


Alexandra Park wins at Oxford again!

Congratulations to Jamie Toeg (10L) for winning the prestigious Orwell Youth Prize at Pembroke College, Oxford.  In addition, another APS student: Flo Ellary (9X), was awarded a "highly commended" certificate.  Schools from across the country take part in this competition, which aims to ‘make political writing into an art’.

As part of the national competition, our students participated in two writing workshops where they explored the theme of the prize this year, ‘Identity’. They were then encouraged to discover and develop their talents and abilities by submitting writing to professional writers who offered personal feedback on their entries. Our students demonstrated excellent engagement in the workshops and really used this opportunity to explore the power of writing; to then have two winners from this is incredible. 

To celebrate the students' participation, all those who entered were invited to attend a Celebration Day at Oxford University. In addition to the prize giving ceremony, the day is an opportunity to inspire young people with writers’ seminars and a lively debate. This year a special election manifesto debate was held where two out of the four political parties created were led by APS students. The engagement and passion demonstrated by all our young people was amazing and a pleasure to watch.

Well done to all those who participated, especially to Jamie and Flo. APS students winning two years in a row is a fantastic achievement!


APS Students Win TeenTech Award

On Monday 26th June I was very proud to accompany Jamie Toeg and Ted Proctor and their project BEBL to the TeenTech finals. Jamie and Ted have been working on BEBL all year, it is a biometric, electromagnetic bike lock – BEBL!

They have researched & designed this themselves and even made a prototype biometric switch and low power electromagnet. During the process, they have been in touch with STFC and Maplin. Maplin showed great interest in the invention.

TeenTech runs the year-round initiative with leading industry partners to challenge young people aged 11-18 to develop solutions to key societal, health and environmental issues using the power of science, technology and engineering.

BEBL was awarded a gold TeenTech award for their project and invited to the finals at the royal society where they would compete against the other top projects in their category.

The winning projects were chosen by a panel of judges made up of celebrities, journalists and eminent academics, including BBC technology correspondent Rory Cellan-Jones, BBC Click reporter Kate Russell and Scientist and TV Presenter Fran Scott. Dragon’s Den host Evan Davis, Channel 4’s Dr Christian Jessen, Sky presenter Gemma Morris, and celebrity physicist Brian Cox, also met students on the day.

and the judges said…


Alexandra Park School for BEBL - A biometric bike lock that lets riders 'stick' their bike to any metal surface using electromagnets.

BEBL won the security category! Jamie and Ted were deservedly chuffed with the trophy and £150 of iTunes vouchers, and it made me even more proud. Since returning to school the judges from Symantec have been in touch asking Jamie and Ted if they would like further support to take the idea forward!  Look out for BEBL in your local bike stores in the near future!

Also as champions they will be invited to a reception with His Royal Highness the Duke of York KG at Buckingham Palace in the autumn term!

TeenTech co-founder and Tomorrow’s World presenter Maggie Philbin OBE says: “This is the fifth annual TeenTech Awards and we’re constantly blown away by the standard of entries. 2017 has been no exception and we’re seeing again how with the right support and encouragement, young people are more than capable of shaping their own future. The Awards are without doubt the highlight of the TeenTech calendar and really sum up what we’re about: embracing creative talent; putting youngsters face-to-face with industry professionals; and inspiring them to see the power and potential of their ideas. It’s also exciting to see the girls continuing to buck STEM traditions by leading the way.”

Link to TeenTech website
Also featured in the Evening Standard

Teen Tech was a fantastic experience for us in many ways.  It allowed us to take what we had learned in the classroom and put it into practice in real life, which we would normally never get a chance to do.  It encouraged us to expand our horizon and not think about if the idea is possible but when the idea could become possible, which allowed us to develop BEBL. 

When we were designing BEBL we encountered a lot of problems and had to think like engineers.  When a problem was fixed 2 new ones arose and we had to troubleshoot our problems.  We feel like our CAD skills have definately developed and we had to master new software, such as SolidWorks and Arduino coding, which is all very useful in STEM and science-related careers.

TeenTech has been great for us because it allowed us to design our own idea from start to finish.  On the award day we could collaberate with other schools and learn about their projects.  It was a great opportunity to have a look at what could be the ideas of the future and meet students with similar interests.

In the future we hope that BEBL will become a real product.  We received an enormous amount of compliments and some great new ideas which we think could help take BEBL into the market, all while enjoying a fantastic day at the Royal Society.

Jamie, TeenTech Winner
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APS Student Makes News with London Citizen Journalist Competition Win

Joel Kiffin with Richard PeelAlexandra Park School pupil, and Haringey citizen journalist, Joel Kiffin was a winner at the 2017 London Voices jounalist competition.  These awards, sponsored by The Media Society and London Learning Consortium, took place during a high profile event at the London Reform Club last week.  Joels written entry considers the pros and cons of social media for democracy, and was part of a competition designed to encourage new talent into journalism.

Dubbed London Voices, the competition aims to promote emerging journalism talent across the capital and to generate a range of new perspectives and ideas about London.  Aspiring citizen journalists submitted articles, videos or photos which debated and challenged the ways people think about their communities.  The competition was launched against a background of discussion about the proliferation of 'fake news', and is part of an attempt to fight back by encouraging citizens to become part of reporting 'real' news about their communities and issues.

Joel Kiffin with Stephen Jeffery and Richard PeelJoel's interest in politics was evident in his written entry to the competition, discussing ideas about the use and misuse of social media, and the extent to which it could be seen as contributing to or stifling democratic debate.  His entry was even more impressive, considering that Joel has only just completed his A Levels, and was one of the youngest entrants to the competition.  His entry can be read on the London Voices website at http://www.londonlc.org.uk/london-voices/.

Media Society judges Patrick Barrow and Barney Jones loved Joel's "well presented" article and felt it was, "informative, carefully prepared and well backed up with quotes and statistics".  He was presented with his award by President of The Media Society, Richard Peel.

Having just completed his studies at Alexandra park School, Joel has applied to university to study Journalism and Media.  He intends to continue with his twin passions of sport (cricket, football, tennis and Formula One) and writing, and he has plans to eventually work within either print media or broadcast media such as radio.