Governance registers and membership

Trustees and Local Governors must complete annually a Register of Interests. The Policy on Conflicts of Interest and Related Party Transactions and our Register of Interests can be found under 'Register of Interests' below.

A complete list of Members, Trustees and Governors currently serving, including their terms of office and attendance at meetings so far this year, can be found under 'Governance Attendance Records' below. Membership and attendance registers for previous years can also be found below.

You can find out more about our current members and our Chair in the ‘Get to know us’ section of the website and more detailed information on roles and responsibilities in the 'Governance Structure' section.

More documents and information

A range of other governance documents and information about our governance arrangements are available for you to download below. Trust policies are available on the policies page of our website, here.

General governance documents

New River Trust Vision, Values and Strategic Objectives
Articles of Association
NRT Memorandum of Association
NRT Scheme of Delegation and Terms of Reference for Board, LGAG and Committees. for Board, LGAG and Committees
Privacy Notice - Trustees and Local Governors

Register of interests

NRT Policy on Conflicts of Interest

Members,Trustees and Local Governors Register of Interests 2023 (updated March 2023)       

Members,Trustees and Local Governors Register of Interests 2022   

Members,Trustees and Local Governors Register of Interests 2021

Agendas and Minutes

Meeting agendas and minutes are available here.

Financial Statements Alexandra Park School and New River Trust

APS 2013 | APS 2014 | APS 2015 | NRT 2016 | NRT 2017 | NRT 2018 | NRT 2019 | NRT 2020 | NRT 2021 | NRT 2022

Executive pay excerpt from Financial Statements

NRT 2020 | NRT 2021 | NRT 2022

Funding agreements

Funding agreement 2011
Variation to funding agreement 2013
Variation to funding agreement 2016
Variation to funding agreement 2017

Governance attendance records

2016-2017 School year 
2017-2018 School year
2018-2019 School year
2019-2020 School year
2020-2021 School year
2021-2022 School year

Attendance for current school year 2022-23 (updated termly)

If you have further questions about Trust governance, you can contact Suzanne McGowan, the Clerk to the Board of Trustees. Suzanne can be contacted by email at Any communications for the Chair of the Board of Trustees or Local Governors can also be sent to Suzanne in the first instance.