Students at APS are celebrating yet another year of excellent GCSE results.  Well over half of the results recorded by students at the school were 9 to 7 grades.  Within this 18% acheived grade 9s and 33% grade 8.

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This represents a phenomenal return on the efforts of both the students and staff throughout the duration of the courses

APS students consistently perform significantly better than national expectations for attainment and progress. list

Examination results were awarded differently in 2020 and 2021 and the examination watchdog Ofqual warned that “Schools’ and colleges’ results are highly likely to be lower than in 2021 when exams did not go ahead. Very few schools or colleges, if any, will get higher results than in 2021”. It seems that our students didn’t get that memo and have bucked the trend achieving higher in 2022 than they did in 2021.

Attainment 8 has increased up to 62.8 and we expect Progress 8 to remain high. Both indicators are outstanding. This shows that our young people do better by attending Alexandra Park than if they went elsewhere. Many pupils gained outstanding results. More than a third of our students gained at least 5 GCSEs at these top grades and of particular note are the 28 students who achieved 5 or more grade 9s. Progress has been a key focus this year and has been exemplified by the terrific performance of so many of our students

Headteacher, Michael McKenzie, said "APS is a high performing school. We are very proud of the achievements of the students this year. We are delighted with the results that the students have achieved. Like all schools, students and staff have had to step up to the challenge of the more rigorous and demanding qualifications and the further challenges of lockdowns. As with all the work we do – staff approached this earnestly and professionally. We are particularly proud of how well the school meets the needs of all its students from the most-able students to those with significant needs. We demonstrate clearly the success of comprehensive education.

“This is based on the simple but effective formula of high quality courses, taught well by expert staff, to hard-working students supported effectively by their families and our community."

“It is clear from these results that students can thrive in the learning environment that staff cultivate at Alexandra Park School. We are matching students to the correct courses whilst retaining a broad and balanced curriculum that opens doors for the next stage in their lives. We are looking forward to continuing those relationships with the students who join us into our successful Sixth Form. For all the students, however, I would like to congratulate them on their success and wish them the very best for their futures.”

gcse 2022

  • 90% of students achieving good (4+) passes, including English and Maths
  • English, 92% of students achieved a good (4+) pass, 88% achieving a strong (5+) pass with 53% achieving grades 9-7. The coveted grade 9 was awarded 36 times to students in English
  • Maths, 92% of students achieved a good(4+) pass in Maths, 82% a strong (5+) pass with 52% achieving grads 9-7. An amazing 26 students achieved grade 9 in maths
  • Science, 90% of all students were awarded at least 2 sciences and 51% were awarded at grades 9-7. A total of 76 grade 9s were awarded across the sciences

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GCSE Results 2022
Subject 9-7 % 9-5 % 9-4 %
Art 54 85 94
Business Studies 58 82 92
Computer Science 42 79 86
Drama 70 88 98
DT: Product Design 29 76 92
English Language 47 84 91
English Literature 45 82 92
French 45 73 86
Geography 59 88 92
History 67 92 95
Hospitality & Catering 10 57 80
IMedia 24 56 64
Mandarin 90 100 100
Maths 52 82 93
Further Maths 91 100 100
Media Studies 57 82 87
Music 55 90 97
Music BTEC 43 79 93
PE 38 81 89
Religious Studies 47 80 90
Science: Biology 72 99 100
Science: Chemistry 79 99 100
Science: Physics 79 99 100
Science: Double 17 62 83
Spanish 59 82 89
Textiles 28 100 100
Turkish 80 100 100

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Link to the National published school performance tables

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