Exam Results Procedure

Results Days

Results 01The results days for summer 2020 exams will be:

A Level/L3 Results - Thursday 13th August 2020 from 9.30am (Year 12 students from 10.30am only)

GCSE/L2 Results - Thursday 20th  August 2020 from 9.30am (year 11 student only)
Please note results for students in years 7 - 10 will be received by post.

  • If you wish any other person (including family members) to collect your results on your behalf, you must send in a signed letter of authorisation with the collector.  The collector will also need to provide their photographic ID.
  • No results will be given out by telephone under any circumstances.
  • Candidates who do not collect their results on the day will receive notification through the normal post if they have supplied the Exams Office (Room G3) with a stamped addressed envelope by the end of the summer term. Letters will be posted on Thursday 13th August for A levels and Thursday 20th August for GCSE.

Results 02

Post Results Services

APS teaching staff will be available on Results Day to help you with any queries that may arise. 
If there are reasonable grounds for believing there has been an error in marking, an official Enquiry About Results (EAR) may be requested by centre. (see Exam Policy section 11.2)
When the centre does not uphold an EAR, a candidate may still apply to have an enquiry carried out however, they will be charged.
Candidates requesting a review of marks must be aware that their marks, including their overall grade can also be lowered as a result of the enquiry.
Further details and associated fees will be available on results day.
The deadline for these services are as follows:

  • Review of Marking (EAR) - Thursday 17th September 2020 (Priority deadline for A-Levels only Thursday 20th August 2020)
  • Script returns: Thursday 24th September 2020

Results 03Certificates

  • Certificates arrive in school about three months after you have received your results, information about the despatch of certificates will be given to you on results day.
  • Certificates may be collected on behalf of the candidate by a third party, provided they have written authorisation to do so.
  • Certificates will be retained by the school for one year, unclaimed certificates may be destroyed
  • Applications for replacement certificates must be made directly to the Awarding Body, there is a charge for this service
  • When collecting certificates, the 'collector' may be asked to provide their own photographic ID