The purpose of the new bursary fund is to:

  • Support and retain students
  • Promote a positive attitude to learning

Statement of principles

  • The award of the bursary will be based on attendance and punctuality
  • The bursary will be distributed fairly and consistently
  • The process must be easily understood and accessible to young people
  • The process will identify eligible students in a timely fashion
  • The scheme will be designed to maximise the amount of the fund available to students

Statement of practice

  1. Bursaries Available
  • Alexandra Park School will offer three types of bursary:
  • Vulnerable Bursary Fund – this will be available to students who are
    • Living in care aged 16 or 17
    • A care leaver aged 16, 17 or 18
    • Aged 16, 17 or 18 and receiving Income Support
    • A young person with severe disabilities and in receipt of Income Support.
    • A disabled young person in receipt of Employment Support Allowance and receiving a disability living allowance.
  • Discretionary Bursary Fund – this will be available to students with low household incomes. The eligibility criteria for this bursary will be the same as for eligibility for free school meals. Currently, students will be eligible to apply for this bursary if their parents / carers receive one of the benefits or NASS support shown below:
    • Income Support
    • Income Based Job Seekers Allowance
    • Income Related Employment and Support Allowances ESA(IR)
    • Child Tax Credit providing you are not entitled to Working Tax Credit and your annual income as assessed by Revenues and Customs is below £16,190
    • Guaranteed Element of State Pension Credit
    • Or if you are supported by NASS and supported under Part VI of the Immigration and Asylum Act 1999.
  • Discretionary Support Fund – any student who experiences financial difficulty with meeting the costs associated with learning will be able to apply for discretionary support. Discretionary support will be available to students who meet the criteria set out below and on the application form. The funds available for discretionary support are limited. Should applications exceed the funds available, oversubscription criteria will apply (see Section 5 below).

2.    How to apply - eligibility and evidence requirements

  • All students wishing to be considered for a bursary or discretionary support will be required to complete an application form.
  • Students applying for the Vulnerable Bursary will be required to provide evidence of their status, for example
  • a letter setting out the benefit to which the applicant is entitled.
  • written confirmation of the applicant’s current or previous looked-after status from the local authority which looks after them or provides their leaving care services.
  • Students applying for the Discretionary Bursary will be required to provide evidence of eligibility for Free School Meals for example
  • evidence of receipt of benefit

-      P60

  • Tax Credit Award Notice
  • evidence of self-employment income.
  • Students applying for discretionary support will need to provide evidence of educational need (for example, to meet the costs of a field trip) and of household income (for example evidence of receipt of benefit or tax credit, P60 etc).
  • All applicants will have to show a passport or equivalent proof to demonstrate they meet the residency requirements of the scheme e.g. British Citizen, European National etc.
  • All applicants will need to be studying a course that includes at least 14 hours per week of lessons.
  • All applicants will need to have their own bank account.

3.    Attendance and punctuality requirements

  • The bursary will be distributed on the basis of a minimum attendance of 95%, excluding authorised absences (there is an expectation that all students should have 100% attendance).
  • The bursary will be distributed on the basis of a maximum of one late mark per week (again there is an expectation that all students should attend all lessons and school sessions punctually).

4.    Payment

  • Students eligible for the Vulnerable Bursary will normally be paid in six instalments.
  • All other students eligible for Free School Meals will also be eligible for a discretionary bursary, which will accrue on a weekly basis and be paid in half-termly instalments.
  • Other students facing financial hardship will be able to apply for discretionary support during the course of the year. Although applications will be considered at any time, it is expected that applications will be considered in September and in March.
  • Payments may be made in kind in appropriate circumstances – for example to cover the cost of a field trip.
  • Instalments will be paid by bank account transfer (BACS).
  • It is expected that instalments will be paid towards the end of each half-term in normal circumstances.

5.    Oversubscription Criteria

  • The bursary fund allocated to the school by the DfE / EFA is cash limited. If applications exceed the amount of money remaining in the fund the following criteria will be applied to determine decisions.
    1. The level of financial hardship i.e. household income and emergency circumstances.
    2. The level of educational need. For this purpose the following order of priorities will apply – (a) essential school trip, (b) university interview travel costs, (c) examination costs, (d) other course related materials i.e. books, special equipment etc.
    3. Attendance and punctuality
    4. The amount, if any, of bursary funding already received within the academic year.

6.    Audit



7.    Complaints procedure

  • Any appeals or complaints will be considered in line with the School’s existing complaints procedure.

Download the bursary application form