The vast majority of our students apply to university and enter Higher Education after completing A levels. All students are encouraged to consider their future career choices carefully and some students decide to move directly to employment or to take up training opportunities after completing A level studies.

The enrichment programme includes activities to aid completion of a CV, guidance for students wishing to apply for work experience (which students are strongly encouraged to pursue during school holidays) and aims to ensure all students give careful consideration to their future career options including particular entry requirements.

Independent Careers Information, Advice and Guidance is available to all students in Years 12 and 13. Certain groups of students are targeted at specific times in the year. Any student wishing to book an appointment with an Advisor should ask the Sixth Form Office for details of the process for booking an appointment.

Students are also encouraged to make use of the resources in the Careers Library located within the Study Centre.

There are a very large number of websites offering careers advice, which vary significantly in quality and often offer advice which appears to be contradictory. The following resources are recommended for use by students when considering their career options:

General careers advice including support for choosing a career, writing a CV and completing job applications

Work experience


Gap Years

Year in Industry / Headstart

For information on Higher Education click here.