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Sixth form Lead Primary Science Club

In a continuation of our program from the last two years, our sixth form students have been delivering science clubs in local primary schools. The feedback form the primary science leaders has been exceptionally positive. You can tell form these student comments that our year 12 students are thoroughly enjoying the experience too.

Science teaching has been an incredibly rewarding and interesting experience, which I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to do. Watching the year fours grow in confidence and knowledge and find so much passion in both our lessons and science has been enriching and a real pleasure. Liliana Newsam-Smith 12X
Teaching the years 4s science at Rhodes Avenue gave me a new perspective on the classroom environment and was a lot of fun getting involved in loads of practicals and activities. I would really recommend this enrichment activity to anyone. Sophia Amin 12S
I have really enjoyed teaching the year 4 students at Rhodes Avenue Primary School. Though I am not studying science at A-Level, I am still interested in the subject and this enrichment has allowed me to carry this interest further. The enthusiasm that the students have shown has been really fulfilling. Eva Laverty 12E
Teaching at Trinity Academy over the course of the past weeks- the interaction with the kids allowed me to understand how the teaching experience feels. I was able to learn more about the children, giving me the opportunity to create individual relationship with each student. At the end of the day, their engagement and happiness was what satisfied me the most. Zuzanna Radlo 12L
Teaching science lessons in Trinity Academy has helped me develop so many skills such as being more patient, communicating more and being more organised. I have enjoyed teaching every single one of them as they have all been interested and been more engaged in their own science lessons. Sahra Berkpinar 12P
Teaching was always a career I was interested since I was a little child in primary school and this enrichment helped me experience the organisation skills and making the kids happy and teaching them about science, it has been an amazing and educational ride as the kids learnt about science I also got to experience what it was like being a teacher.Mizgin Kalay 12N
Being at my old primary school Trinity Primary Academy and teaching year 3 has been the best experience; I have enjoyed every moment of it and wish to continue doing it for a few more weeks. I have gained quite a lot of skills such as being patient with the younger kids and learning how important it is for me to be organised, I have loved educating the kids and allowing them to see science in a different view to learn as well as having fun.Rozerin Koz 12K

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