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Parent Local Governor Elections 2019

Alexandra Park School currently has a vacancy for an elected Parent Local Governor to serve on the Local Governors’ Advisory Group for a period of up to 4 years. The opportunity to be elected as a Parent Local Governor is open to any parent, all you need is to be willing to give time and commitment to the school.

We welcome all those who are eligible to stand in the elections. We want to reflect the full diversity of our local community and would particularly encourage those from different ethnic backgrounds to apply.

Parents who would like to stand as a candidate for election may obtain Parent Local Governor nomination forms (you may also ask your child to collect a form for you) from the Alexandra Park School office. If there are two or more nominees for the role, an online ballot will be held in May-June 2019 in accordance with the below timeline. Parents will be notified in the event of an election.

Detailed information on eligibility, nomination and the election process was sent to parents via letter in May 2019. If you have not received this letter please contact the school office. Further information on the role of Local Governor can be found on the governance page of the school website.


  • Nominations close midday Wednesday 22nd May 2019 
  • Online voting opens midday Wednesday 29th May 2019
  • Online voting closes midday Wednesday 5th June 2019
  • Election results published Wednesday 12th June 2019