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Fourth Plinth School Awards 2022


The story behind the Art:

Message from our winner Ava:

'Key workers of London, 2022,
My artwork features a Doctor, Teacher, Policeman and a Cashier worker in Front of a marbled background.
I created this outcome to celebrate the tremendous work and dedication of the front-line workers during the COVID-19 pandemic.

They are the true heroes.'

Hard work Pays Off!

KS3 Art + Textiles students attended weekly workshops after school to create compositions for the national Gallery 4th Plinth - School's Award. these compositions focused on illustrating the student's interpretations of the theme: LONDON.

Ava's artwork 'Key Workers of london' was shortlisted by the National Gallery for a borough award. Mr Mackenzie and the Art Department would like to congratulate Ava and the remaining artist's who all submitted fantastic works of art for this competition!