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Year 11 Physics Trip to the Royal Observatory, Greenwich

Last week 120 year 11 physics students visited the Royal Observatory, Greenwich. The students were able to view the planetarium show and took part in a workshop on line spectra and how we know what the stars are made of just by looking at their light. This trip covered key aspects of the GCSE Physics course and will be vital in their preparation for the summer exams.  The students had a fantastic time, here are a selection of comments from our students.



I really enjoyed the trip to the Royal Observatory because I felt it helped to assist me with my studies. I especially enjoyed the planetarium because it offered me an insight into outer space that I could experience in the classroom. Rafi Anwer Shade
I’ve always suspected that Europa may be habitable and this trip reassured me. It made life feel worth living. Natasza Szudra
I found the trip very exciting and enjoyable. I liked the planetarium the most and being away from the classroom atmosphere made it more fun.Katie Sim
The trip was amazing. I learnt a lot of really useful information about astronomy which I really enjoyed. Best trip ever.
I had a great experience at the Greenwich Observatory, especially the planetarium which was very interesting
The trip was amazing. I learnt so much at the observatory and it hugely helpful for the P7 Exam” “The trip was interesting as it allowed me to learn more about the stars and galaxies around us. I was able to see the constellations and I learned that there are 12 constellations that have the names of the zodiacs. Doris Jeflea
The trip was an amazing experience. I really found the trip very informative and enjoyable. David Katzarov
The planetarium was really cool and I got to see how beautiful our galaxy is.