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Year 12 Physics Trip to Dolby Sound Studios

Year 12 Physics Trip to Dolby Sound Studios

On Wednesday the 30th of September, 14 year 12 students and Mr Hammond visited Dolby Sounds European headquarters in Soho Square. The event was organised by into film and is part of a wider program led by the British arm of the European space agency to mark the first British astronaut's forthcoming mission to the international space station.

The event was held in Dolby’s small cinema and the 64 speaker ‘Atmos’ system was demonstrated to full effect by James Shannon, A Dolby engineer who gave us a very well delivered and  enlightening talk on the physics of sound and some career guidance of what being an audio physicist involves. We were then treated to a viewing of Gravity, where the Oscar winning soundtrack could be enjoyed in its full glory.

Here are a selection of quotes from our students.

It was a great trip that taught me a lot about different physical processes such as diffraction, interference and reflection as well as teaching me a lot about the film industry and how important physics is in it.Mourad Dekiouk
It was very interesting learning about where the different speakers are positioned in a cinema to create realistic soundAdam Toeg
It was amazing, very good and knowledgeable.  Never knew there was a physics side to movie making and developingBen Ryan
Simply flabbergasted by the fact that physics has such a great impact on the sound that movies make and how physics is needed to adjust sound level and change the audience’s feelings. And the hot chocolates were very niceRoberto Valverde
Really thrown back by how impressive and immersive the sounds system was. I thought the sound engineer did an excellent job of presenting the possible physics-based jobs within the movie industryTom Moore
The experience of seeing and understanding the science behind the sound of the movie world, it was mesmerising, a truly enjoyable experienceJoseph Dickie