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Badminton 4 Macmillan fundraiser

aps macmillanAlexandra Park badminton club signed up for Badminton England's Badminton 4 Macmillan fundraiser and now we are the verge of reaching £5000  - there is just £52 needed to get there. With a few outstanding pledges still to be paid in, I'm sure we will reach £5k very soon.

Alexandra Park badminton club has well over 100 members, who play in 6 different groups every week. The fundraising has been a whole club  effort and shows what can be achieved when individuals get behind a great cause - it has been a real team effort.

Before the event started all the players joined in a Macmillan presentation outlining the work that Macmillan do. The players demonstrated a great deal of empathy and came up with some good ideas as to how to support a friend or family member on their cancer journey.

02The Badminton 4 Macmillan event ran from 23-29 November. During that week 169 different people came into the club to play. This huge number included the members, staff, parents, younger siblings, Ace badminton club and Andy's badminton group plus some APS leavers. We even had a media event with a green screen and two professional photographers.

Events included a sponsored longest rally challenge - the record number of shots was set at an amazing 235 in a row without a mistake. 

Mr Felfeli demonstrated that he was indeed a champion of his primary school. Mr Bhuhobaun played with his bad knee and the PE staff were there in force, Ms Nash, Mr Butler and Ms Bowden. Donald was pretty good as well. However, everyone struggled in the one-eyed badminton challenge.

Everyone who donated will shortly be part of a giant collective Macmillan support poster which will be permanently displayed in the Sports Hall.

04Thanks to all the bakers, badge makers, form fillers, poster makers, parents and volunteers throughout the year that help make this club great:

  • Mia Stead
  • Veronica Casey Fierro
  • Matthew Riley
  • Jamie Toeg
  • Ted Proctor

And a special thanks to all the APS coaches who get up early every week to coach the younger players:

  • Eve Bramley
  • Archie Thomson
  • Will Henderson

Also congratulations to 2 APS leavers who are now qualified L2 coaches and still come and help coach at the club:

  • Jaimus Tailor
  • Angus Pedersen

The club is only as good as it's coaches and we are so lucky to have top players for our coaches:

  • Joel Gayle
  • Dipak Tailor

And lastly a special thank you to Macmillan volunteer Melanie Battcock who helped deliver the Macmillan presentations, sell cakes, collect sponsor forms and lots more.

I have been absolutely amazed by everyone's generosity, messages of support and cannot believe how much money has been raised for Macmillan.

Thank you, this has been an empowering and a truly remarkable experience and utterly worth all the effort.

Judith Pedersen