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Undergraduate talk to year 12 Physics students

Our year 12 physics students recently attended a talk from two physics undergraduates from University College London.  The interesting and challenging talk covered a range of topics including particle physics and electromagnetism in the preparation for our annual residential trip to CERN in the summer.

The two students were also able to give the students a first hand account of what life is like at university and their undergraduate physics course. They were able to give some extremely helpful advice regarding the UCAS application process and how to maximise their chances of achieving a place at a top university. Here is a selection of comments from our students.

I found the talk very insightful and gave me a lot of knowledge on CERN. I also gained awareness on what life is like in university and how to write my personal statement. Dominic Short
I enjoyed the talk because it led to me learning more about the different types of physics at university and he gave helpful info for getting into university and settling in your first year Mustafa Ahmed
I found the talk useful because I attained more in depth knowledge of how University life will be and what I should prepare for when attending university Subham Khooblall