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UCL School Physicist of the Year

On thursday 30th June I was lucky enough to be invited to UCL for the 2016 School Physicist of the Year awards.  It was a truly delightful evening, with the UCL building looking grand in early evening sunlight.  The undergrads explained the project they were showing at the Royal Societies summer exhibition and there was a half-hour talk by Jon Butterworth, which was the best on particle physics I have ever heard.

However, the stars of the show were the students Rabia Turemis (Y12) and Done Kahyalar (Y10) from APS.  Both attended with their families and were awarded 'School Physicist of the Year' along with students from Latymer School, Highgate School, Channing School and Edmonton County School.  The comments below were written by their teachers and were read out as the students collected their certificate and goody bag containing Smashing Physics by Jon Butterworth.  The year 10s also received Thing Explainer by Randall Monroe, whilst the year 12s were gifted What if, also by Randall Monroe.  I am sure the students will enjoy them and it will encourage them to ask more questions and think about how they explain physics concepts to others.  Many contratulations to Rabia and Done!

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