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Ogden Symposium

Early in this academic year 2 of our y13s were selected to attend the prestigious Ogden Symposium, this year hosted by the university of Durham. A2 physics students from all over the country were given a flavour of undergraduate life and an introduction to university physics.

Some quotes from out students that attended:

I feel that the symposium was a great opportunity to explore life as an undergraduate physics student at a top university. I sat in high quality lectures, learning about the complex rules of special relativity and how calculate the increase in the mass of an object approaching the speed of light. It was also fascinating attending lectures on relatively new ideas in physics. The finding of the Higgs Boson, how CERN works and theories surrounding dark matter and dark energy.

It was also a great opportunity to visit a beautiful city, gain an insight into what university life is like and meet and discuss physics with like-minded young scientists.

Stephen Mason
The talks where very interesting including thinking like a physicist, Things with lasers like supper cooling through optical molasses, some quantum theory, special relativity along with my personal favourite the dark energy and dark matter surrounding us along with a handful of questions for each.

Not only was it detailed plus insightful along with it being well explained. It also gave me a very nice chance to fill in some of the questions I had about university’s and giving me more reasons to go to university as well as giving me concentration for Durham as from what I saw the facility’s on sight where very nice and well maintained with everyone there being a pleasure to meet. 

It was also nice change to go outside London and see the less crowded parts of the UK with its greenery along with the fact that still had a lot of its history like the cathedral, cobbled roads and old houses. I would like to say thank you to the Ogden Trust an​d Durham university.

Brian Morris