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Primary Science Fair

On Thursday 6th July, 120 primary students brought their amazing science projects to APS.  The students came from Rhodes Avenue, Coldfall, St. Martin of Porres, Our Lady of Muswell, St. James, Highgate and St. Michaels N6.  Many schools had already run their own internal science fair, with the winners bringing their projects to represent the school.

The standard of the projects were incredible.  Members of APS leadership team, as well as APS science staff, were highly complementary of both the project displays and the enthusiasm and knowledge of the students.  We were also joined by 5 STEM ambassadors.  The APS staff and the STEM ambassadors judged each project, with my able Y10s and Y12s supporting the event with science busking as well as running the scoring spreadsheet.

In the afternoon we were treated to a fantastic science show from the brilliant Dr Andrew Szydlo, who covered some high-activity chemical reactions as well as the physics of liquid nitrogen!

Every student received a medal and there were many prizes including teamwork, individual prizes and a 1st, 2nd and 3rd.  The overall winners were a project looking at the life cycle of stars from Coldfall School.  It was a great day and everyone involved should be proud.

Our thanks to the Ogden trust for supporting our ongoing work with these primary schools and BigBang in School Fair for supporting the day.

I wanted to say how great the Science Fair on Thursday was. It was an excellent day, really well organised and the children had a fabulous time. Thank you so much for organising it!Mr. Morrisey, Coldfall Primary School
The children had a lovely day, they were raving about it all the way back.Ms. Matthews, Our Lady of Muswell Primary School