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A Level Results 2018

A Level 06Students and staff at APS Sixthform have again been celebrating an exceptional set of A-Level and Vocational results. This year’s cohort have been a joy to teach and have achieved highly.

A number of students have achieved phenomenal results. Those with straight As or A*s include: Miles, Ava, Mohammed, Jeremy, Ruby, Benjamin, George, Malindi, Eve, Lottie, Phoebe, Sharon, Ismet, Raphaella, Elizabeth, Maritsa and Max.

These A-Level results were matched by an impressive set of Vocational qualifications with the majority of students achieving Distinction or Distinction*. This is a great achievement given the reforms that these qualifications have undergone this year, to include rigorous external assessment. Notable achievers include Burak and Amy.

Intended destinations for the Class of 2018 includes Oxford, Imperial College, Newcastle, Liverpool, Manchester, Warwick, Cambridge, Cardiff, Exeter, Bath, Bristol, Nottingham, Sheffield, Durham and Loughborough and their chosen subjects include Medicine, Dentistry, Music, Biochemistry, Sports Management, Chemical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Nursing, Business Management, Computer Science, Law, Theology and many more. Other students have secured places on highly competitive apprenticeship pathways including Engineering at Siemens, Nursing with the NHS and Journalism at the BBC.

St John Starkie, Sixthform Director said “We are very proud of this level of exceptional performance and the tenacity and resilience of all of our students; some of which have overcome very challenging personal circumstances this year. These results are testament to the hard work of our students and the staff that have supported them so diligently this year. The combination of strong pastoral support, excellent teaching and opportunities to experience some ‘fun’ along the way has resulted in our students aspiring to be the very best and succeeding. Well done!”

A Level 09a“I could not be more proud of the achievements of our students and the dedication shown by our staff,” said Headteacher Michael McKenzie. “The school continues to be successful in a broad range of academic, creative and vocational Post 16 courses. Providing a broad curriculum to a diverse and large student body is central to our core beliefs and it is very satisfying to see them being successful.

“It is also very clear from these results that our focus on quality teaching by expert subject specialists, together with a culture of hard work and high expectations provide an environment where students can thrive and realise their full potential. With these qualifications, they have opened many and varied doors to life beyond APS. This success is also down to the fantastic support the students receive from their parents and the wider community connected with the school. I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate the students for their hard academic work, thank them for their contributions to the wider school community and wish them every success for their collective futures.”

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Y12 Biology Trip to the Barnet Environment Centre

The Barnet Environment Centre is set in a beautiful 7.5 acre nature reserve in High Barnet.

Year 12 Biology students, Ms Salih, Mr Groom and Ms Slingenbergh visited the centre to learn how to assess water quality and biodiversity through pond dipping. The students learnt how to collect samples and consider how a variety of factors affect the water quality and variety of life within the ponds. None of the students had ever pond dipped before, so it was a brand new experience for all. The students were astonished at the diversity of species they collected and enjoyed using a variety of resources to identify them. Our samples included newts, dragonfly nymphs, pond skaters, backswimmers and even leeches! It’s truly amazing what you can find in ponds!


Ogden Symposium

Early in this academic year 2 of our y13s were selected to attend the prestigious Ogden Symposium, this year hosted by the university of Durham. A2 physics students from all over the country were given a flavour of undergraduate life and an introduction to university physics.

Some quotes from out students that attended:

I feel that the symposium was a great opportunity to explore life as an undergraduate physics student at a top university. I sat in high quality lectures, learning about the complex rules of special relativity and how calculate the increase in the mass of an object approaching the speed of light. It was also fascinating attending lectures on relatively new ideas in physics. The finding of the Higgs Boson, how CERN works and theories surrounding dark matter and dark energy.

It was also a great opportunity to visit a beautiful city, gain an insight into what university life is like and meet and discuss physics with like-minded young scientists.

Stephen Mason
The talks where very interesting including thinking like a physicist, Things with lasers like supper cooling through optical molasses, some quantum theory, special relativity along with my personal favourite the dark energy and dark matter surrounding us along with a handful of questions for each.

Not only was it detailed plus insightful along with it being well explained. It also gave me a very nice chance to fill in some of the questions I had about university’s and giving me more reasons to go to university as well as giving me concentration for Durham as from what I saw the facility’s on sight where very nice and well maintained with everyone there being a pleasure to meet. 

It was also nice change to go outside London and see the less crowded parts of the UK with its greenery along with the fact that still had a lot of its history like the cathedral, cobbled roads and old houses. I would like to say thank you to the Ogden Trust an​d Durham university.

Brian Morris