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Y Viva España

Learning Spanish with us is great - exploring three super exciting southern Spanish cities and their rich culture in one trip was phenomenal!

A group of forty students spent four days exploring the top attractions in Seville, Granada and Cordoba at the end of January. The students now have a real sense of the Andalusian region and the strong Arabic and Moorish influence from exploring mosques, cathedrals and old towns – not no mention the breath-taking sceneries and flamenco lessons followed by an inspiring flamenco show in the heart of Seville. Hurray! ...or should we say.. ¡Olé!


A Weekend in Paris

As part of their A level studies, our sixth form students undertook a research weekend in Paris exploring the development of the motion picture house. Our intrepid group of AS and A-level French students travelled to Paris at the height of the recent flooding. Undaunted, they did research at the cinemathèque, climbed to the top of Montmartre (twice!) and saw every major monument from Notre Dame to the Eiffel Tower. In the true spirit of linguistic explorers, they walked a mind-boggling 50,000 steps and even managed to keep their feet dry. Tres bien.

a level paris b


APS - A Classic

Classics continues to grow in numbers and ambition at APS. We now have 100 A Level and GCSE students studying Classical Civilisation. Following our first ever set of Year 9 Latin results (80% A – A*), Key Stage 3 Latin clubs are also proving hugely popular – the Year 7 club often has to cram 30 students into a classroom (not bad for an 8:00 am club!)

Meanwhile our trips abroad are among the most popular in the school. We regularly take 40 GCSE students to Pompeii and this year we took our first Sixth Form trip to Athens.

All this activity has raised our status in the London Classics world and we were thrilled to be invited to a private - APS only - showing of the British Museum’s Greek collection. Dr Ian Jenkins, Senior Curator in the Department of Greek and Roman Antiquities, will be showing our sixth formers the controversial Parthenon Marbles after hours.


Erasmus+ Trip to Copenhagen

APS currently represents the UK in a five nation EU Erasmus+ project. The three-year project brings students form France, Germany, Poland, Denmark and the UK together in week long student meetings to consider the question ‘Nuclear Fusion – THE clean energy source of the future?’ 

Last year students meet in Hamburg, Germany and had a superb time. This year its Copenhagen, Denmark and Thoron, Poland.

From 19th to 25th November we were in Copenhagen looking at the issues with wind energy and energy storage. The week long meeting was an enormous success, the students stayed with Danish host families and got a real taste of Danish home, school and university life.

In a time of a seemingly increasingly divided Europe it gave me great pleasure to see student teams representing all 5 nations enjoying communicating, working together and presenting to a large audience. Well done to Rafa, George and Jeremy, their glowing reviews below are testament to the value of the experience for all.

In my opinion, the whole week has been brilliant. Travelling to places, such as DTU, and engaging in activities, such as measuring the overall efficiency of turbines that we created out of lego in a wind tunnel has been really interesting and informative. It was also brilliant to meet people with similar interests from the whole of Europe and get to know their varying cultures throughout the week. Everyone was also very, very welcoming and the city itself is beautiful. Overall, this week has been an astounding experience and I am very grateful to be part of the programme!Rafa
This week has been amazing, at the start of the trip I was slightly wishing that we were staying with our fellow countrymen in hotels, but now knowing how the week has gone I am very happy I didn’t get my way and we did in fact stay with the Danes. It has been an incredible experience to learn about the differences and similarities in the culture of the Danish, and unlike some learning experiences; it was also incredibly fun. I speak for myself and everyone I have talked to in saying that Copenhagen is an amazing city and the universities, schools, teachers, lecturers and students of Denmark have been everything and more that anyone could expect them to be. While there were times when the tempo was perhaps a bit slow, this was sometimes welcome given the early starts. On the whole I cannot thank Ernst, his family and fellow students enough for being such great hosts, and thank you also to Erasmus and Vibenshus Gynasium for organising everything.George
This week has been fantastic, being able to not only study new forms of energy production and storage with international students, but also being able to spend time with them. I loved spending time with my host Daniel, who is not only a great guide of Copenhagen but also now a great friend. The entire exchange programme has allowed us to learn about other cultures, work together and make many new friends! The visits to the DTU taught us a lot about how wind energy is used in Denmark, as well as other forms of energy production and storage, and the party on Thursday allowed us to relax and have fun all together. Overall, it was a very exciting experience!Jeremy