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Congratulations to Eva Laverty!!

Year 13 student Eva Laverty had an extremely busy Autumn Term, travelling around the country to undertake auditions at the major music conservatoires. Eva plays several instruments, but her first study is orchestral percussion. This means that she has to able to play any of the myriad instruments found in the percussion section of the orchestra, from triangle to timpani, glockenspiel to marimba).

A member of APS Concert Orchestra for many years as well as Haringey Young Musicians’ Symphony Orchestra and Percussion Group, we are delighted that Eva’s years of consistent hard work, resilience, creativity, organisation and positive attitude have rewarded her with multiple offers from conservatoires including Birmingham Conservatoire of Music, Royal Welsh College of Music and Guildhall School of Music and Drama. Additionally, she has been awarded an annual scholarship for the duration of her course, which she will start in September 2020.

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Student Progress Day

 Student Progress Day Year
 Staff Timings Location

1 Tuesday 8th October (wk2) 

 7-13  Tutors / Co tutors  9am – 4pm Form Rooms 

2 Tuesday 19th November (wk1) 

10   Subject Teachers 1:15pm – 7pm  Teaching rooms 

3 Wednesday 4th December (wk1)

9 Subject Teachers  1:15pm – 7pm   Teaching rooms

4 Wednesday 22nd January (wk2)

 11 Subject Teachers  1:15pm – 7pm  Teaching rooms 

5 Thursday 6th February (wk2)

13  Subject Teachers  1:15pm – 7pm  Teaching rooms 

6 Wednesday 4th March (wk1)

12  Subject Teachers  1:15pm – 7pm  Teaching rooms 

7 Tuesday 17th March (wk1)

 8 Subject Teachers  1:15pm – 7pm  Teaching rooms 

8 Thursday 30th April (wk1)

Subject Teachers   1:15pm – 7pm Teaching rooms 

Jack Petchey Awards Ceremony 2019

The ‘2019 Haringey Schools Jack Petchey Achievement Awards Presentation Evening’ took place on Monday 10th June 2019 at The Bernie Grants Arts Centre. It was a fantastic evening celebrating the achievements of students across the borough. The Jack Petchey Achievement Award is given to a pupil from each year who demonstrates enthusiasm and determination in lesson or outside of the classroom. They don't need to be the most academic, rather somebody who contributes positively to the school environment. There were 7 APS students from KS3,4 and 5 there to receive their awards.
Ms. Cannon was also present to receive her Jack Petchey Leader Award having been nominated by students at APS for her excellent teaching.
Congratulations to all the winners.