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Congratulations to Drama Students

Congratulations to our GCSE and AS Level Drama students for their performances to external examiners throughout May.  A range of challenging topics were handled sensitively and professionally by all.  The audiences were drawn into each story by the characters with strong impact created by well-crafted scenes and interesting characterisation.  The commitment to hours of learning lines and rehearsing at lunch time and after school paid off – well done for your collaboration and imaginative approach to the range of texts!  Videos are now available on Moodle for you to view with family and friends.

Ms Vlad and Mr Deer

Direct link to Year 12 Drama Course on Moodle (you must be enrolled on the course to view the videos)


Parents in Mind - Peer support project

Haringey have launched a new service, "Parents in Mind"; a project dedicated to working with parents / carers of young people in Haringey whose young people are experiencing emotional or mental health problems.  In this project, they will be:

  • Running x3 parent peer support groups throughout the year
  • Providing a structured 12 week peer support group
  • Providing information about mental health
  • Offering support, guidance & advice
  • Providing an opportunity for parents to lead and facilitate

Please download the flyer and application form from below for more information and to register an interest in these sessions.

Download the flyer

Download the registration form


KS3 DT Science Week Competition Winners

Congratulations to Isadora (Y7), George (Y8) and Ted (Y9) who were the winners of DT's Science Week competition.

Below you can view their work, as well as a comment on their design/s.

Titled 'flight of words' pen inspired by the shape of a bird's body - this is a multi- functioned pen. It provides comfortable handwriting assistance, spelling assistance and ability to choose different colours. We especially liked the concept of WIFI spelling assistance. This would allow a Year 7 students to self-check their own work, which the pen achieves by learning your handwriting style, crosschecking your spelling and flashing to alert you that you have  made a mistake. This promotes self regulation and independence in students of all abilities. We felt this pen, whilst technologically advanced, is commercially viable and we could imagine this being available for use in schools within the next few years!Isadora, 7S

07 isadora

The 'stay active hose' enables Martha (our 76 year old target user) and other people with arthritis to enjoy gardening without having to use their painful fingers to grip a hose. This is a beautifully simple design which uses forearm support to 'attach' the hose to the body without the need for grip - this is what stood this design apart from many of the other competitors who used the 'assisted grip' concept. It also had voice activated controls so that one wouldn't have to use their free hand to press buttons to start and stop the flow of water whilst out and about in the garden. The stay active hose also comes with a large faucet handle so that the mains water can be turned on and off with ease.George, 7S

 08 george

This entry was a great combination of technical understanding and intuitive design. We felt that the underground/ over ground design fitted in perfectly with the theme/environment. Ted produced a technical drawing, a 3D CAD model and an architectural blueprint, all showing his ability to cater for the complex needs of the early Martian settlers. We particularly liked the renewable resources such as the O.W.E.D (oxygen and water extraction device) which utilises the habitat's greenhouse as a self sustaining supply system, the 'geothermal generator' which uses the heat from the planets crust to generate energy, and the solar panel to capture the solar rays. Ted, 9e

09 ted
09 ted2


"The City and the Girl"

Drive and creativity are at the heart of the media studies department at Alexandra Park School. No one characterizes this better than Josh Barnett, former student and current media technician. Over the Easter holidays, when other staff and pupils were slumbering in their beds Josh roused a group of current and former students to take part in the 48 hour film challenge. On Saturday morning a brief was released by the organising body, Sci-Fi-London (organisers of the London Science Fiction Film Festival). Josh and his team had already been hard at work for an hour setting up kit and preparing costumes when I wandered in to school at 9am. Realising that I was unnecessary I sloped off home. Josh and his crew, Sam Redfearn, Oke Oluku, Josh Syratt, Bryn Barton, Filmon Simon, Seza Shevket (current students) and  Sian Dorman, Sam Toller, Jaimus Tailor, Chris Cheng and David Marcillo Coronaldo (former students) readied themselves to write, shoot, score, edit and create computer graphics for their film in less than two days.

The film is set in a post-apocalyptic London (thanks Chris for getting up at 5am on Sunday morning to shoot those shots!) and explores a morning in the life of a man and the young girl he finds himself responsible for. It features an amazing costume created by talented designer Sian Dorman (who we are currently lucky to have working as our technician in Design and Technology), cinematography from Sam Redfearn, computer graphics by Filmon Simon, a score written in one afternoon by Bryn Barton and sound by Josh Syratt and Oke Oluku.

It’s a delight to work with such talented and committed young people. It’s even more of a delight when you they do it all themselves, unprompted and with such dedication, enthusiasm and skill. You can view the full video below.


London Winner of 'Performing Shakespeare'

Well done to Amy and Louisa, who made it through to the London finals of the Performing Shakespeare Competition.  Extra congratulations are in order for Flo, whose performance of a Lady Macbeth soliloquy was judged the overall winner out of 40 students from across London.

Flo will now represent APS at the UK national FInals at The Gielgud Theatre on 8th March.  Watch this space!


If we may be permitted to blow our own trumpet...

It's official.  The Department for Education 2015 performance data positions Alexandra Park School at the top of the local league tables.  The attainment, progress and value added data for students studying GCSE, vocational and A-level courses places the school ahead of all but the selective schools in North London.


Living up to their laurels

Year 11 students Chris, Max, Milo and Kuba (left to right) have been hailed by members of the local community after their exceptional work in looking after a lady in Bounds Green who had suffered a head injury. Kuba, who recently earned first place in the London first aid challenge, and his friends were the first to respond when they saw her whilst walking home from school.

The boys administered first aid, stayed with her for over an hour, tried to get an ambulance which was delayed, went to a local GP surgery for help and eventually escorted her to hospital. Several adults stopped to offer their assistance but quickly realised that the boys had the situation under control. People who saw the incident have contacted the school to express their appreciation and praise for the boys’ actions. Thank you, gentlemen.


Congratulations to Blessing on winning a "BAFTA"

Blessing entered a national film making competition and won.  She was presented with a prestigious award at the BAFTA offices on Picadilly in December.

Blessing, a Year 11 pupil who suffers from Type 1 Diabetes, entered the national competition to highlight the issues faced by young people who suffer from diabetes.  Her film titled 'Diabetes doesn't have me, I have diabetes' debunks some of the misconceptions about diabetes.  It was selected as the People's Choice winner.

all finalists


Sponsored Winter Camp-Out

Sponsored Winter Camp-Out for Islington Centre for Refugees and Migrants

Finally, you may have heard that 20 courageous Year 8s spent the final night of term camping out to raise money for North London’s refugees and migrants. The students spent two hours taking part in drama activities designed to give them an insight into the experiences of a refugee. They were blindfolded, separated from their 'families', made to fill in complex forms and yelled at by border guards. Finally, they were rewarded with mince pies and hot chocolate before spending a surprisingly warm December night in their tents.

The students were interviewed for BBC Radio London and BBC Newsround as well as The Tottenham Journal. So keep an eye and ear out!

The students were hugely impressive throughout and have raised close to their target of £1000. If you would like to pledge a donation for this local charity - The Islington Centre for Refugees and Migrants, please email cbonhamcarter@alexandrapark.school and he will catch up with you next term.

The Islington Centre is a local charity that offers support and guidance to people in this situation and it has been really heart-warming to see so many Year 8s throwing themselves into raising money for this project.

Finally, it has been a great pleasure leading Year 8 this autumn term and I wish everyone connected with it a very happy Christmas!

Listen to the BBC news report

Read the full article on Tottenham Independent


Badminton 4 Macmillan fundraiser

aps macmillanAlexandra Park badminton club signed up for Badminton England's Badminton 4 Macmillan fundraiser and now we are the verge of reaching £5000  - there is just £52 needed to get there. With a few outstanding pledges still to be paid in, I'm sure we will reach £5k very soon.

Alexandra Park badminton club has well over 100 members, who play in 6 different groups every week. The fundraising has been a whole club  effort and shows what can be achieved when individuals get behind a great cause - it has been a real team effort.

Before the event started all the players joined in a Macmillan presentation outlining the work that Macmillan do. The players demonstrated a great deal of empathy and came up with some good ideas as to how to support a friend or family member on their cancer journey.

02The Badminton 4 Macmillan event ran from 23-29 November. During that week 169 different people came into the club to play. This huge number included the members, staff, parents, younger siblings, Ace badminton club and Andy's badminton group plus some APS leavers. We even had a media event with a green screen and two professional photographers.

Events included a sponsored longest rally challenge - the record number of shots was set at an amazing 235 in a row without a mistake. 

Mr Felfeli demonstrated that he was indeed a champion of his primary school. Mr Bhuhobaun played with his bad knee and the PE staff were there in force, Ms Nash, Mr Butler and Ms Bowden. Donald was pretty good as well. However, everyone struggled in the one-eyed badminton challenge.

Everyone who donated will shortly be part of a giant collective Macmillan support poster which will be permanently displayed in the Sports Hall.

04Thanks to all the bakers, badge makers, form fillers, poster makers, parents and volunteers throughout the year that help make this club great:

  • Mia Stead
  • Veronica Casey Fierro
  • Matthew Riley
  • Jamie Toeg
  • Ted Proctor

And a special thanks to all the APS coaches who get up early every week to coach the younger players:

  • Eve Bramley
  • Archie Thomson
  • Will Henderson

Also congratulations to 2 APS leavers who are now qualified L2 coaches and still come and help coach at the club:

  • Jaimus Tailor
  • Angus Pedersen

The club is only as good as it's coaches and we are so lucky to have top players for our coaches:

  • Joel Gayle
  • Dipak Tailor

And lastly a special thank you to Macmillan volunteer Melanie Battcock who helped deliver the Macmillan presentations, sell cakes, collect sponsor forms and lots more.

I have been absolutely amazed by everyone's generosity, messages of support and cannot believe how much money has been raised for Macmillan.

Thank you, this has been an empowering and a truly remarkable experience and utterly worth all the effort.

Judith Pedersen


APS Sports Success

There have been a number of APS sports success stories over the last couple of weeks.

Cross Country

13 APS students, from years 7 through to 10, competed in the Haringey cross country competition on 27th November.  Congratulations to everyone that took part:

  • Issac - 7S
  • Monty - 7L
  • Trinity - 7K
  • Hanna - 7A
  • Harry - 8S
  • Maya - 8K
  • Flo - 8X
  • Nina - 9R
  • Ned - 9L
  • Monica - 9E
  • Angel MG - 10K
  • Freddy - 10L
  • Jessie - 10X

A special mention goes to Monty, Angel and Freddy who all won their respective races.


We also wish to congratulate the following students from years 10 and 9, who are now the Haringey volleyball champions.  They will now go on to represent the borough in the North London schools tournament in February.

  • Natalia - Y10
  • Phoebe - Y9
  • Eva - Y9
  • Ruby - Y9