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Papyrus UK

Paryrus is a charity that campaigns for and supports young people and their families with issues around suicide. They provide confidential support and advice to young people struggling with thoughts of suicide, and anyone worried about a young person through their helpline:

Hopeline - 0800 068 4141




Campaign Against Living Miserably.

The Campaign Against Living Miserably (CALM) is leading a movement against male suicide, the single biggest killer of men under 45 in the UK.

London Helpline - 0808 802 5858


Young Minds

young mindsYoungMinds is the UK’s leading charity championing the wellbeing and mental health of young people.

YoungMinds champions children and young people’s mental health and wellbeing across the UK.  Driven by their experience YoungMinds creates change so that children and young people can cope with life’s adversities, find help when needed and succeed in life.

Parents' Helpline - 080 8802 5544


Would you like to chat through your worries with another parent, who has personal experience of a child with mental health problems?

Chat with a parent through Young Minds' Parent to Parent Service

YM Parent to Parent is a new telephone listening service providing emotional support to parents and carers with concerns about their child's mental health and behaviour.  It provides a vital opportunity for your voice to be heard, share your current difficulties, or simply offload.

APS Guide to Well-being

At Alexandra Park School we aim to look after all of our students academically, emotionally and socially; keeping minds and bodies healthy.

We are aware that students feel the pressure of modern society and need support in a variety of ways. The APS Guide to Well-Being is intended to provide students, parents, carers, family and friends with some easy ways to maintain all-round well being; mentally, physically and by eating well.

Exam wellbeing guide - Summer 2017
Exam wellbeing guide - Poster

parent info banner


View all articles at ParentInfo; lots of useful digital resources provided by CEOP and ParentZone.

conversations for changeConversations 4 Change

If you and your family are struggling to cope and need some practical support to move things forward, help is at hand.

Families can face challenges with a range of issues and Haringey's Early Help service can offer advice and guidance as well as practical, hands-on support, with a whole family approach.

Download the Conversations 4 Change flyer
Visit the Conversations 4 Change website



There are many great community organisations and other services in Haringey to support emotional wellbeing.

CHOICES engage with these local organisations to provide you with a range of opportunities depending on your needs and your interests.

Download the CHOICES flyer 
Visit the CHOICES website

Strengthening families Parent Programme 2018

Haringey early help and perevention service and Coleridge Primary school are delivering Strengthening Families & communities Parent Programme.
See Flyers for more information.

Download the Coleridge Flyer 
Download the SFSC Flyer 

Slambassadors receive their awards

Congratulations once more to our 'Slambassadors', who attended an event on Sunday 30th October to receive their commended certificates.  The students had a great evening, which was hosted by poet Joelle Taylor.  Another poet, Lemn Sissay presented teh students with their awards.  Of particular note is Beth Hollis, who received a 'highly commended' award.

Pictures from the event are below.


Meet our 'Slambassadors'

13 students from our Spoken Word group recently submitted entries for the national poetry competition 'Slambassadors'.  We are pleased to say that all 13 have been shortlisted.  Only 30 entries from 900 were shortlisted, meaning that OVER 40% of all shortlisted entries were from APS.

Congratulations are in order for the whole Spoken Word group.  Three of the entries can be viewed below


Calling all ex-APS students and teachers Featured

Message from Sharon Hutchinson (Alumni Coordinator)

Calling all ex-APS students and teachers, or 'Old A.Ps' as we know you.

A day doesn't go by without us reflecting on your time here or the impact you made or the changes that have taken place.

"Remember back in the day!"

The school is now 18 years old!  We think it's time to establish our Alumni and see if we can connect staff and students, in order to grow our Alumni group.

Please take a minute and fill in a few details below so that I can keep you updated with upcoming news and events, including possible reunions.

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Week in Sport 16th March - 20th March Featured

LUNCH 1.30PM – 1.55PM






Basketball Yr7-11 (PED)
- Small Gym
Yr 7-11 Futsal League (HMA)
- Sports Hall

Fitness Yr 7/8 (PED)
- Fitness Suite
Dodgeball Yr 7-11 (BBO)
- Small Gym
Girls Football Yr 7
- Sport Hall

Badminton/Table Tennis Yr 7-11 (PED)
- Sports Hall
Basketball Yr 7-11 (7.45-8.30) (BBO)
- Sports Hall
Indoor Athletics Yr 7/8 Boys (JOF)
- Sports Hall

Basketball Yr 7-11 (HMA)
- Sports Hall
Movement & Wellbeing:Yr 7-11
- Small Gym

Yr 7-11 Sports Hall
Yr 7/8 - Small Gym








Cricket Practice Yr 7-10 (BAM)
Trampoline (RHA)

Volleyball Yr 7-11 (Ext. Coach)

Girls RugbyYr 7-9 (JOF)
Football Boys Yr 7 (GST)

Detentions (SHA)
- EW02
Y7 Boys Football
- Gladesmore Away (GST)
Y10 Boys Football
- Heartlands Away (HMA)


Basketball Yr 7-8 (BCO)

Basketball Yr 8-9 (HMA)


Y7/8 Girls-a-side Football Competition


Badminton Yr 7-11 (Ext. Coach)

Fitness Club (BBO/ Ext Coach)

Football Yr 8/9 (BCO/BAM)

Fitness (BBO)



Dance Club (ECO)


Fitness Club
- (HMA)
Trampoline Competition
- Sports Hall 3.15pm (BCO)



Fitness Club
- EW02 (SHA)


APS Student wins George Orwell Youth Prize!

Congratulations to Celia Bergin (10E) for winning this prestigious award at Pembroke College, Oxford.  In addition, two other APS students, Arthur Attenborough (12P) and Elvina Chidley (10K) were awarded "highly commended" certificates.  Schools from across the country take part in this competition which rewards "political writing of outstanding quality".  To have three winners out of the hundreds of entries is a wonderful reflection of our students' engagement and clarity of expression.


Congratulations to Drama Students

Congratulations to our GCSE and AS Level Drama students for their performances to external examiners throughout May.  A range of challenging topics were handled sensitively and professionally by all.  The audiences were drawn into each story by the characters with strong impact created by well-crafted scenes and interesting characterisation.  The commitment to hours of learning lines and rehearsing at lunch time and after school paid off – well done for your collaboration and imaginative approach to the range of texts!  Videos are now available on Moodle for you to view with family and friends.

Ms Vlad and Mr Deer

Direct link to Year 12 Drama Course on Moodle (you must be enrolled on the course to view the videos)


Parents in Mind - Peer support project

Haringey have launched a new service, "Parents in Mind"; a project dedicated to working with parents / carers of young people in Haringey whose young people are experiencing emotional or mental health problems.  In this project, they will be:

  • Running x3 parent peer support groups throughout the year
  • Providing a structured 12 week peer support group
  • Providing information about mental health
  • Offering support, guidance & advice
  • Providing an opportunity for parents to lead and facilitate

Please download the flyer and application form from below for more information and to register an interest in these sessions.

Download the flyer

Download the registration form


KS3 DT Science Week Competition Winners

Congratulations to Isadora (Y7), George (Y8) and Ted (Y9) who were the winners of DT's Science Week competition.

Below you can view their work, as well as a comment on their design/s.

Titled 'flight of words' pen inspired by the shape of a bird's body - this is a multi- functioned pen. It provides comfortable handwriting assistance, spelling assistance and ability to choose different colours. We especially liked the concept of WIFI spelling assistance. This would allow a Year 7 students to self-check their own work, which the pen achieves by learning your handwriting style, crosschecking your spelling and flashing to alert you that you have  made a mistake. This promotes self regulation and independence in students of all abilities. We felt this pen, whilst technologically advanced, is commercially viable and we could imagine this being available for use in schools within the next few years!Isadora, 7S

07 isadora

The 'stay active hose' enables Martha (our 76 year old target user) and other people with arthritis to enjoy gardening without having to use their painful fingers to grip a hose. This is a beautifully simple design which uses forearm support to 'attach' the hose to the body without the need for grip - this is what stood this design apart from many of the other competitors who used the 'assisted grip' concept. It also had voice activated controls so that one wouldn't have to use their free hand to press buttons to start and stop the flow of water whilst out and about in the garden. The stay active hose also comes with a large faucet handle so that the mains water can be turned on and off with ease.George, 7S

 08 george

This entry was a great combination of technical understanding and intuitive design. We felt that the underground/ over ground design fitted in perfectly with the theme/environment. Ted produced a technical drawing, a 3D CAD model and an architectural blueprint, all showing his ability to cater for the complex needs of the early Martian settlers. We particularly liked the renewable resources such as the O.W.E.D (oxygen and water extraction device) which utilises the habitat's greenhouse as a self sustaining supply system, the 'geothermal generator' which uses the heat from the planets crust to generate energy, and the solar panel to capture the solar rays. Ted, 9e

09 ted
09 ted2


"The City and the Girl"

Drive and creativity are at the heart of the media studies department at Alexandra Park School. No one characterizes this better than Josh Barnett, former student and current media technician. Over the Easter holidays, when other staff and pupils were slumbering in their beds Josh roused a group of current and former students to take part in the 48 hour film challenge. On Saturday morning a brief was released by the organising body, Sci-Fi-London (organisers of the London Science Fiction Film Festival). Josh and his team had already been hard at work for an hour setting up kit and preparing costumes when I wandered in to school at 9am. Realising that I was unnecessary I sloped off home. Josh and his crew, Sam Redfearn, Oke Oluku, Josh Syratt, Bryn Barton, Filmon Simon, Seza Shevket (current students) and  Sian Dorman, Sam Toller, Jaimus Tailor, Chris Cheng and David Marcillo Coronaldo (former students) readied themselves to write, shoot, score, edit and create computer graphics for their film in less than two days.

The film is set in a post-apocalyptic London (thanks Chris for getting up at 5am on Sunday morning to shoot those shots!) and explores a morning in the life of a man and the young girl he finds himself responsible for. It features an amazing costume created by talented designer Sian Dorman (who we are currently lucky to have working as our technician in Design and Technology), cinematography from Sam Redfearn, computer graphics by Filmon Simon, a score written in one afternoon by Bryn Barton and sound by Josh Syratt and Oke Oluku.

It’s a delight to work with such talented and committed young people. It’s even more of a delight when you they do it all themselves, unprompted and with such dedication, enthusiasm and skill. You can view the full video below.