BIMA Digital 2015

Tuesday 17th November was the 4th annual Digital Day created by BIMA (British Interactive Media Association) in response to the talent shortage in the creative digital arena.  This event is aimed at exposing young people to the amazing digital careers available.  Pupils doing GCSE ICT participated in this nationwide event along with pupils in 100 other schools across the UK.

We were lucky to have two members from one of the most innovative advertising agencies in London - Sunshine; Vinay Chaudhri (planner / strategist) and Emma Simmons (Account Executive) who were both very friendly, passionate about what they do and extremely informative throughout the day.  The students were led through a presentation about the industry which included a live web link to a talk with advertising guru Rory Sutherland.

The day concluded with the "Challenges" when students were given 3 potential projects from real companies in the banking, mobile phone and music industries.  The students were tasked with producing and presenting innovative, effective and original digital solutions.