First Give Evening

Charity begins with all of us taking accountability for the social issues that surround us. It doesn’t matter if Charity begins at home or at school, as long as we start to understand others needs and how we may help. By addressing issues which may or may not impact us personally, we can begin to make a difference to the lives of others.

Small changes really can have a big impact. First Give is an organisation that helps young people interact with local and national charities, raising the students’ knowledge and understanding of this sector. The charity works to ignite, equip and inspire students to make a difference by taking action to tackle social issues.


Year 8 students have been working on this project through the Autumn term whereby they had to research and select a class charity. All students worked extremely hard to research in to their charities and complete activities to raise awareness and funds.

Students then competed within class to represent the charity in the finale, whereby one group from every Year 8 class went head to head to win the £1000 prize which would be donated to their charity. Well done to all Year 8 students who showed huge amounts of craftsmanship, resilience and empathy over the duration of the project.  A special congratulations to Grace Barry, Rosie Carter, Lois Cunningham Tickel and Jodie Walsh who practised their presentation every lunchtime for 3 weeks and managed to secure the £1000 for Child Poverty Action Group.


Student Progress Day

 Student Progress Day Year
 Staff Timings Location

1 Tuesday 8th October (wk2) 

 7-13  Tutors / Co tutors  9am – 4pm Form Rooms 

2 Tuesday 19th November (wk1) 

10   Subject Teachers 1:15pm – 7pm  Teaching rooms 

3 Wednesday 4th December (wk1)

9 Subject Teachers  1:15pm – 7pm   Teaching rooms

4 Wednesday 22nd January (wk2)

 11 Subject Teachers  1:15pm – 7pm  Teaching rooms 

5 Thursday 6th February (wk2)

13  Subject Teachers  1:15pm – 7pm  Teaching rooms 

6 Wednesday 4th March (wk1)

12  Subject Teachers  1:15pm – 7pm  Teaching rooms 

7 Tuesday 17th March (wk1)

 8 Subject Teachers  1:15pm – 7pm  Teaching rooms 

8 Thursday 30th April (wk1)

Subject Teachers   1:15pm – 7pm Teaching rooms 

Third Annual APS KS2 Science Fair!

On Wednesday 26th of June, APS main hall was overflowing with nearly 100 amazing science projects from our local primary schools. The Science Fair day offered KS2 pupils with the best projects the opportunity to see others' projects, explain their work to the judges, complete a lab sessions at APS, see a science show and have a chance of winning an award and prize!


The quality of the projects was incredible, with topics like ‘how could we survive on Mars, ‘how will brexit affect fruit and vegetable standards’, ‘global pollution’, ‘robotics’, ‘non-newtonian fluids’, ‘density’ and many more! The students from Y3-Y6 explained their projects amazingly often with excellent practical demonstrations. Over the course of the day, the project stands were visited by 100s of KS3 pupils as well as staff and judges.

On the day we were also joined by seven teach maths and physics interns and five STEM ambassadors, this provided excellent careers links, guidance, and an unbiased supply of judges! As well as displaying their project, the primary students also attended two workshop sessions, 1 making bath bombs and the other on balanced forces. We could not have run this day without the help and support form a brilliant Y7 STEAM club and a team of Y10 and Y12 helpers so huge thanks to you guys too.

Thanks for a fabulous competition last week – thoroughly enjoyed it and was very impressed by the standard of the entries! It was great to have the STEM ambassadors supporting the event too, I hope to support them working with more local schools and competitions next year. Julia Scannell – Lead improvement partner for Haringey education partnership
Thanks so much for doing the science fair, we enjoyed it the whole time! Archie & Hannah – Yr6
We loved the day and wish we could do it all over again now! Thandi, Jessica and Max
Just to congratulate you and your school team on arranging and running today’s mighty event at APS for so many of the local Primary Schools. It was a pleasure and honour to be able to witness such wonderful standards in science achieved by Ys6/5 and 4 children. Furthermore, you demonstrated just how it is possible to manage so many children so effectively (with help of your secondary school students) without a microphone. I know my fellow STEM Ambassadors were equally impressed. It was such a good initiative to get University students into the school for a few days to see how secondary schools operate and whether they might wish to think of teaching as a profession. It was also clear that the children really valued the chance to investigate science topics (many outside the set Primary syllabus) and gained considerable confidence in preparing and presenting their projects – mainly as teams, but some on their own. They also enjoyed themselves in the process in a different environment.Peter Holtby STEM ambassador