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Capital Physics Conference at APS

IMG 6142 resizedThe APS physics department has had the pleasure of hosting one of three Capital Physics Conferences with over 20 physics teachers and 10 technicians from over 10 schools across London attending. The session held by Barbara Dirkin and Peter Campbell from the Institute of Physics focused on A-Level physics teaching and learning and how more students can be encouraged to opt to study physics beyond GCSE.

The feedback from all attendees was extremely positive and there were many comments about the significant improvement in Physics A-Level results at APS over the last two years and now outperforms Biology and Chemistry at both key stage 4 and 5.

The conference was hugely successful and many different ideas were exchanged. Many thanks to Peter and Barbara of the IoP as well as Trevor Plant, the Capital Physics Manager.

More information about the Capital Physics Project can be found on the Institute of Physics website here:


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Year 12 Trip to Cern 2014

APS physics students have come back from what will be an annual visit to the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) at CERN, Geneva.  The 3 day trip allowed students to attend lectures and tours of the testing facilities of the world's greatest experiment.  The trip was a great success and the pupils were able to see first hand the cutting edge of physics.  Here are a selection of comments and photographs from the trip.