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Year 7 BAE & RAF Roadshow

On Thursday 8th March three enthusiastic presenters, one robot and a huge fan arrived at APS to deliver a show about maths and engineering to all of our Y7. Here are some comments from the Y7 students.

Year 7 Roadshow 1

I thought it was a great experience and I learnt lots of things about maths and science that I didn't know before. My favourite part was learning about Miya and how much information could be stored in such a tiny body! THANKYOU!!!Alena
I liked the experience because I learned that rad planes had facial recognition and Miya the robot was quite cute and small also she was really smart  so thank you for the amazing experience Ali
I learnt so much, thank you. Orla
I really loved your science show it was really cool, I learnt so much. Bea
It was cool. -Nancy
I think it was awesome and you have given me an idea of how science is really cool and interesting Leo
I'm thinking of being a pilot so this helped me learn what's inside plane ✈️Gil
A description of what it was ????????Billy

Another Successful Biology Olympiad

January saw 7500 A-level Biology students from around the country take part in the annual British Biology Olympiad. Students completed two 45 minute papers consisting of challenging multiple choice questions from a wide range of biology topics.

The competition is highly regarded and the highest scoring students are invited to represent Britain internationally.  Our students have performed well yet again and each one has achieved a bronze award or been commended for their efforts. Only 17.8% of students who entered the competition achieved a bronze award and 18.5% of students who entered were commended.

A huge well done to all six students involved.

  • Ava Mitchell: Bronze
  • Esme Keeley-Fermor: Bronze
  • Phoebe Mostyn: Bronze
  • Daisy Cripps: Bronze
  • Sotirios Karagiannis: Commended
  • Abdirashid Hasan: Commended

Christmas Lecture 2017

02On Tuesday the 12th December 2017 APS held its annual Christmas lecture – This year we had the pleasure of hearing from Ella Al-Shamahi, a National Geographic Explorer & Neanderthal specialist. Ella inspired the 300 strong audience of parents, students, siblings, grandparents, staff & friends of APS with her stories of fossil hunting and the life of an adventure scientist.

A personal highlight was Ella’s excellent explanation of why carrying out research science in conflict zone is so important, sharing science with those who are interested but may not have the opportunities we take for granted and also demonstrating the international nature of scientific research. Below are some comments from students and parents.

Mr Hammond

Director of Specialism
I found the talk very interesting and useful because it helped me think about my own future career.APS Student
I found it very inspirational and interesting to the story of someone else’s life.APS Parent
It was a good talk, covering a lot and inspiring without being extremely cheesy. It had a nice amount of comedy as well.APS Student
She was funny and entertaining. Her talk was interesting and inspiring.  I really like the idea of being an archaeologist. Thanks a lot!Alice, Y7
Quite funny and interesting. I think it was quite inspiring for people and maybe boosting girl’s confidence about being explorers. Thanks!APS Parent
Interesting talk. Quite engaging. Such an interesting job.APS Parent
It was interesting how it was not organised, you just look for fossils.Ripley
I like the talk because it is about adventure and it was interesting because I am a Scout.William
I found this talk really interesting. I think it was good to know what exploring is really like and from what I heard it sounds amazing.  She made it sounds like a possible career choice and I’m glad I came.Clara, Y7
I liked the talk because it was interesting and funSonny
I found this very interesting and fun. I feel like I would like to explore caves as well.APS Student
Completely inspiring! It was so good to see a woman talk with such knowledge and passion about science – such a positive role model for girls/boys.APS Parent
Thank you. It was very interesting and inspirational to hear your journey.APS Student
It was very inspirational. Thank you.Misia and Mia
She explained well. It is a very interesting job. I would like to be a chemist when I grow up, so that definitely made me curious.APS Student
I thought it was very interesting on what she said and what she does because I want to be a marine biologist and I find exploring very interesting.Olivia
I really enjoyed the talk for its combination of exciting science and personal testimony. Inspiring!APS Parent

25 Genomes online event

The Sanger Institute is celebrating its 25th birthday by sequencing the genomes of 25 species native to the UK.  To mark the occasion, they ran an online event to allow students to vote for 5 of the species whose genomes they will sequence next year.  An application was made and we were lucky enough to be selected to take part and contribute to future science!

Pupils were able to learn about the different species, genetic sequencing and even take part in a live chat with wildlife enthusiasts, who were championing different species in a bid to win votes.  40 different species, which included the Scottish wildcat, the common starfish and the emperor dragonfly, competed against each other.  The leathery sea squirt and lion's mane jellyfish were popular contenders amongst our students.

Well done to the pupils below, who attended biology club and took part in the event.

 Year 9
Liam 9K
Milan 9S
Isadora 9S
Helen 9S 
Megan 9S
Gabriel 9X
Year 10
Zara 10K
Molly 10P
Michelle 10R
Fabiha 10R
Emma 10S
Sasha 10S 
Harry 10S
David 10X
Keshav 10L
Year 11
Grace 11K
Lola 11K
Liliana 11R
Keir 11R
Ella 11R
Alex 11P