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Newsletter May 2019 Featured


How does one judge a school? Surely not by its Year 7 students as schools will not have had time to work their magic. Definitely not its Year 9. In fact especially not year 9 with their concoction of hormones and swirling moods. Judge a school by Year 11, the almost finished article. Our Year 11 students graduated last week and under the careful stewardship of Mr Bonham-Carter and a team of dedicated tutors, they have blossomed into a thoroughly fantastic cohort. They are organised, hardworking and resilient. They are smart, creative and funny. Above all they are empathetic, compassionate and kind. I could not be more proud of them.

As one might expect, the graduation evening went smoothly with some star performances from Ruben Stilitz on piano, a singing duet with Kai Hannah Emmanuel and Annieke Chambers, a piano and drum number by Dylan Abora-Poku and Mahari Sterling and we cannot forget Emerald Graham-Sapani’s beautiful debut. We had a comedic step-back in time from Chris Zangala and Jamila Omar. The Head Students, Harry Showell and Bernice Ukunzwe, shamed us all with the quality of their speeches. 

Well done to all of our Year 11 and good luck in your exams. I look forward to welcoming you back for sixth form studies in September. 

A special mention to the students that made it onto the Alexandra Park School Roll of Honour. They are shown above and listed below. 

StudentName of Award
Uma Bell Performing Arts Award in honour of Courtney Goddard Gayle
Zara Brown-Guhli Science and Maths Award in honour of Mike Terry
Ben Dawson The Inquiring Mind Award in honour of James McDonald
Sasha Brealey Literature Award in honour of Rosslyn Hudson
Solomon Bird Citizenship Award in honour of Asma Seghir Merniz
Tom Kemball-Cook Outstanding Progress Award in honour of Jackie Marchant
Grace Luwawu Director of Studies Award
David Orsulik Headteacher Award

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