Newsletter November 2019


We don’t get too excited about lists and rankings at Alexandra Park School. There are so many tables with various criteria. How do you compare the full range of schools with their different characteristics? At Alexandra Park School we are proud to be an inclusive comprehensive; we welcome every challenge and celebrate every achievement across our diverse community of students. These include results from those students who overcome massive cognitive challenges to achieve their best, to others that seem to have a natural ability to succeed in exams. I am experienced enough, by the way, to know that behind all success there is usually years of hard work.

So it was pleasing to see that once again APS has made it into The Sunday Times Top State Schools. This list focuses on just the very top grades achieved at A level and GCSE, which we know doesn’t really do justice to the hard work of every student and every school. As one would expect, the top 30 are dominated by highly selective and faith schools.

APS sits alongside Henrietta Barnet, Latymer and QE Boys, and Cardinal Vaughan or JFS. Nevertheless, APS is proud to be up there amongst this group of the 30 most high achieving schools. APS is proof of the possibility of successfully educating a full range of students in just one school. Well done to all.

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