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newsletter sept2021

Our A level and BTEC results continue to match and even exceed some of the most selective institutions in the borough. Almost half of the grades achieved were A*/A and we have seen a record number of students heading off to university, with 90% achieving places at their first-choice destination. As a non-selective, fully comprehensive sixth form, we see students progress onto a diverse and increasingly eclectic range of subjects. The traditional subjects such as Engineering, Economics, Social Sciences and Law continue to attract large numbers but alongside this, we had some newcomers including Japanese, Patisserie Technology, Acoustic Engineering, Astrophysics and Music for Gaming.

More than 70% of students have achieved places at universities ranked in the top 30, with 50% studying at Russell Group Institutions and six students taking up Oxbridge courses. In addition, we have students gaining equally prestigious places at conservatoires, national apprenticeships and sponsored internships.

A special mention to Jarvis Reddy for flying through the rigorous international selection procedure to secure herself a place on the Cisco degree apprenticeship.

There has been much to celebrate this year – and this summer newsletter showcases much of the work that continues apace at APS.

Although some students were affected far more than others we managed to keep in school attendance (for those that were allowed to come in) at 94.5%. Physical in-class learning was switched to online learning for the entire months of January and February but with the exception of these last 4 days of term we have been open throughout this year, and due to early testing in March, we did manage to squeeze in a few extra days before many other schools officially opened. The last few months have seen the return of Music, Acting and Sports across the school and all students were once again able to study subjects in specialist rooms.

Year 11 and Year 13 undertook a range of assessments in May/June to demonstrate their learning. We have passed the Exam Board quality assurance process, of course, and results will be available in early August.

With 15% of our results being from vocational subjects, we are proud of our track record of top grades in BTEC qualifications with students such as William Tuck gaining full sets of A*/Distinction* and reading Economics at university.

Perhaps, however, this is not the year to focus on results only, but more on the resilience and determination of a fantastic cohort of students. We are so very proud of our students, particularly this year with the unique challenges that they have been presented with. Every one of them worked so hard and we have been overwhelmed by their achievements throughout their time in the sixth form.

Congratulations also to the Year 11 class of 2021. Despite the ups and downs of the last two years, the students have demonstrated hard work, commitment, and grit. All of our students should be extremely proud of how well they performed.

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