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Dear Students, Parents and Carers

Once again, students at Alexandra Park School have achieved excellent exam results at GCSE and A level. Despite national results seeing a large fall, APS bucked the trend and saw its best student performance yet. This is our tenth year of improvement. These results are a testament to our staff, the determination and hard work of our students and the support of their families.

 A2 Results

 A Level  Percentages     
 2011  2012  2013  2014  2015  2016
 A* - B Grades  52%  55%  52%  60%  65%  70%
 A - C Grades  78%  79%  82%  86%  89%  91%
 A - E Grades  100%  98%  98%  100%  100%  100%

Our sixth formers achieved so well. I drove to work behind a bus advert declaring “For the best results in North London come to Alexandra Park Sixth Form’. I wasn’t sure if I was pleased to be on the back of the 184 or not? The message, though, is correct. We welcome a full range of students from the most academic through to others that would fail to be accepted at most sixth forms. From these starting points our A level results match and surpass selective institutions in the area. At APS 70% of the grades awarded were top grades A*-B, 38% were A*/A and 91% gained A-C grades.

Many schools judge their success by the proportion of students accepted into Russell Group Universities – 37% of our students were successful – a healthy figure. However, if we are going to measure access to top universities we prefer to use the top 30 universities. Using this measure, 55% of students were accepted, showing just how ambitious our students are.  They are well advised and appreciate that choosing the correct course should be the first factor in applications for undergraduate study.  More than 8 out of 10 of our students got their first choice university and their first choice of course they wanted to study.

A special mention to the 15% of students who achieved straight A*/As. There are too many to mention individually but they will be reading subjects as varied as classics, law, English, history, maths, architecture, physics, economics, games design, politics and chemistry at universities across the country including Oxford, Birmingham, Warwick, LSE, Manchester, Surrey, Bath, UCL,   Nottingham and Bristol.

We wish the whole year group the very best.  They have been wonderful throughout their time at APS.

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