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Dear Students, Parents and Carers

hamster 01There are so many examples of great work around our school that, when it's newsletter time, I am always spoiled for choice on which of these to highlight. It was a tough decision, but in this edition I've chosen to shine a light in the dark corner of a physics lab.....

Ms David, our Head of Physics, isn’t only interested in Forces, Fission and Fermions, she also has a passion for small creatures. Her lab has slowly become something of a petting zoo, if you like to pet giant African snails or tarantulas that is! If creepy crawlies aren't your thing, there are also a whole host of hamsters making Ms David’s lab their home. Ms David believes these animals encourage our younger students into science, enables them to develop responsibility and to demonstrate care.

As with all animals, our pets can sometimes require a little veterinarian assistance. It is here I want to thank Mina Amir Afshari, owner of Alexandra Park Veterinary Surgery on Alexandra Park Road. Mina has been taking special care of our little creatures, whether they are feeling a little unwell, need their nails clipped or to extract troublesome teeth, all free of charge. She does this for us because she shares our philosophy that children and animals are a good mix.

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