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There are so many activities and events at APS that it is a dangerous path to single out one area. All departments work hard to ensure students have the best opportunities. This last fortnight has seen: Science at CERN, Mandarin in Shanghai, Geography in Devon, Music on tour in the Netherlands and Year 9 completing their Duke of Edinburgh expedition. Students have visited The Globe, The Guardian and The Tate. They have been involved in the Summer Concert, Art Exhibition, Sports Celebration Evening and Beyond the Curriculum Day — this is just in the past 10 days. It is difficult to single out one department however I wish to highlight our PE team. Last year, we were at the lower end of the Haringey sporting league table. The team decided to transform our position in 2017/18 and get APS out of the ‘relegation zone’. Throughout the year we have competed in a multitude of sporting events including:  Football, Rugby, Netball, Badminton, Cricket, Handball, Volleyball, Athletics, Table-tennis, Trampoline, Cross-country, Swimming and  Track & Field.  If the department could get there we sent a team.

At the end of the 2017/18 season our school’s standing in the local league tables has improved dramatically with the girls’ teams moving from 14th to 5th place and the boys’ teams from 14th to 2nd. We aim to top both leagues next year. Alongside this success, Haringey for the 5th year in succession has won the London School Shield. This involves all 33 London Boroughs competing in all the above sports throughout the year. It was apt that it was an APS team that won the necessary points on the final day of the competition to beat off a strong challenge from Havering who had entered the last day of competition in the top spot. Well done to all concerned.

The work never stops and that’s how a successful school should be. Have a wonderful summer.

Things won are done. Joy's soul lies in the doingWilliam Shakespeare

First day of term - Tuesday 4th September

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