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Science Week 2020

science week

Lunch Time
 Chemical garden &
 rainbow titration

Grow your own chemical garden
and see how beautiful your metals
grow out of solution.
You can harvest them and trade
them in for a cool science certificate.

 S15  Yr 8
After School
 Making Ice cream  Kids make own flavoured ice –cream. S5 & S7 Yr7/8
First 50 students to sign up
with Ms Weindling in S5
(From Monday 3rd March)
Lunch Time
 Pond dipping  We will scoop invertebrates out
of the 6th form pond and
identify the species we find.
(and then gently return them!)
 S24  Yr 7-11
First 8 students
to line upoutside S24
Lunch Time
 Wacky Chemistry:
Can you make plastic
from milk?
 Can you make plastic from milk?
Students will experiment with
milk and other chemicals to explore
the properties of milk and
produce unique plastic objects.
 S5 Yr 7-9
First 25 students
to line up outside S5
After school
 Alkaseltza Rocket  Investigate how to make
the best alkaseltza rocket.
 S5  KS3
First 20 students
to sign up
Lunch time
 Owl Pellet Dissection  Dissect your own wild barn owl pellet.
Discover the fur, feathers,
teeth, bones and beetle wing
casings from an owls last meal!
 S24  6th form only
First 25 students
outside S24


After School
 Minibeasts  Caffeine-water flea experiment
or creepy microscopy
S10  KS3
First 24 students
lined up outside S10
Lunch time
 What kind of taster
are you?
 Take a look at your tongue to see what
type of “taster” you are compared to everyone else.
 S22 Yr 7-9
First 30 students to
line up outside S22
After school
 Dry Ice  Use dry ice to look at the effect of
carbon dioxide on theacidification of oceans
 S24 Yr 7-11
First 30 students lined up
outside S24
After school
 Animal talk/fair  Students get to engage and learn
about animal adaptations.
 S10  First 30 students who
haven’t had a lesson on this
Lunch time
 The 18th Annual
Science week
shark lecture
 Shark talk  101  Anyone who turns up.
 Every day
except Tue
After school
 Virtual reality  Enhance your forces knowledge by
journeying to the moon Apollo 11
 S17  Yr 10/11
First 10 students to
sign up each day
 Every day  Science tutor quiz  Science quiz  Tutor
 Yr 7-13

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