Specialism News

Year 9 Centre of the Cell Trip

On Monday 6th July 35 Year 9 students attended a Biology trip to the Barts and The London School of Medicine and Dentistry. Upon entering the building students enjoyed a brief presentation by two current medical students, before they were led down an impressive glass walkway that overlooked real research scientists at work in their labs. The budding Biologists were then led into the Centre of the Cell ‘learning pod’. Upon entering there were many awed gasps as students took in the giant interactive nucleus in the centre of the room and the surrounding interactive games and displays. Students were allowed to take part in a variety of activities including the chance to use microscopes to detect the differences between healthy and cancerous cells, learning how to perform skin grafts on burns victims and examining real medical specimens of human organs. Students were thoroughly impressed and were beautifully behaved-  a good time was had by all!