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Medical Day

2On Wednesday 10th of Feb Mr Hammond and 14 budding medics from Y10 took part in a five hour future medics training course led by med students and a junior doctor. The students were excellent and made a clean sweep of the prizes at the end! Hopefully some of them will continue to follow this path and will be our doctors and surgeons of the future!

Student comments;

My favourite part of the day was asking the medical students questions about their experience so far in medical school. I was also rewarded 2 certificates and a prize.Huda Graoui, 10S
I really enjoyed talking to medical students, meeting a junior doctor and finding out about the training….it was really interesting to ask questions, finding out about the life in medicine. Angel Grimes McTavish, 10K
What I enjoyed about the trip is that I got to talk to actual students in medical school and doctors about the disadvantages and advantages of becoming a doctor. The activities were interesting because I learnt how to diagnose a patient and how to do CRP on someone. In the end, I was happy that I won an award, so overall my money was well spent! Bethel Zewdie, 10k
I loved the experience of Talking to medical students about their time at medical school and what kinds of things they experience in day to day life. The activities were also very interesting and enjoyable- especially diagnostics. I would definitely recommend this. Dominika Moskwa, 10P
The reason why I went on this trip is to get a better idea about the experiences of working in the medical industry and I was not disappointed. I’ve always told myself I want to be a Doctor, but now I know what that actually means. See you in medical school! Albarina Suli, 10k