Specialism News

APS Astronomy Evening huge success

On Valentine's day 2019, Alexandra Park School's science department fell in love with the stars as we hosted an evening of astronomy.

Steve Fossey of UCL and the Mill Hill observatory kicked the evening off with a fascinating retelling of the night he and his team discovered a supernova, which was followed by 2 hours of observing the night sky through the school's telescopes. Highlights of the evening included the STEAM club's homemade telescopes giving clear and highly magnified images of the Moon's surface, and a breath-taking view of the Orion nebula through the school's larger refracting telescope thanks to the fortuitous weather.

I've never used a telescope before! It was interesting to see stars from a different perspective, and Ill never forget itEddie
It was goodCharlie
I went to the Astronomy Observation evening thinking it would be a waste of time (in the cold!) but then I found out that it was really cool and fun!Elsie, 7A
I have never seen the moon that close up before! It was so detailed!>Marin, 7X
I thought fun and interesting to learn about astronomy and see the stars and the moon through a telescope I also found it very interesting when Steve Fossey was talking about supernovasAmelia, 7A
It was extremely enjoyable to learn about supernovas and how they start and end. I also enjoyed using the telescopes we made to see the stars (even if it was quite difficult)Bethany, 7L

Year 11 Revision Session with Dr. Steve Fossey from UCL

Over 60 Year 11 students had the privilege of a revision session from Dr Steve Fossey, an astronomer from UCL.  The main topics covered were from the P7 Module - Studying the Universe to help prepare the students for their upcoming GCSE physics exam. Dr Fossey even brought his H-Alpha telescope so the students were able to view the Sun safely.  We were  able to observe a large filament of gas that had become detached from the Sun.  Many thanks to Dr Fossey for taking time out of his busy schedule to help our year 11 students.


Year 7 and 8 trip to the Bing Bang Fair

55 students from year 7 and 8 had a great time at the UK Big Bang Fair in Birmingham last month.  The budding scientists and engineers were able to watch and take part in demonstrations and also talk to scientists and engineers from a whole host of different industries from medical research to space exploration.  Needless to say everyone had a wonderful time and we look forward to next year’s trip!



Year 11 Physics Trip to the Royal Observatory, Greenwich

Last week 120 year 11 physics students visited the Royal Observatory, Greenwich. The students were able to view the planetarium show and took part in a workshop on line spectra and how we know what the stars are made of just by looking at their light. This trip covered key aspects of the GCSE Physics course and will be vital in their preparation for the summer exams.  The students had a fantastic time, here are a selection of comments from our students.