Black History Month

The month of October marked the celebration of Black History Month in the UK, with the focus point this year emphasizing on, “Action Not Words.” This recognizes that although it is important for us to remember events in the past, in order for things to change, we also need to look to the future.

APS celebrated Black History Month with an array of events, in which students engaged creatively in practical and analytical activities, serving to enhance and develop their skillset and understanding of the vast aspects of Black culture and history.

Highlights included Sixth Form hosting a Cultural Day, which saw students and staff honouring their heritage by wearing traditional attire on Cultural Day, in addition to showcasing talent in forms of spoken word, music and catering, in celebration and recognition of the diverse cultural backgrounds among the student cohort.

The library’s book club proved popular, with “full house” attendance of students who were keen to explore the themes within the varied genres of Black literature.

Design & Technology, Food-Tech and Art tapped into the creative skills of students, seeing them produce; textile pieces using traditional African fabric; African and Caribbean enthused delicacies; alongside using tribal patterns to create their own series of patterns and print using lino and fabric. Curriculum team leaders and their departments shared a wealth of information on impactful and influential Black people from a variety of industries and backgrounds within their curriculum subject, which was presented and explored with tutor groups throughout the month.

Year 11 had the privilege of being addressed by former APS Alumni, Altou Mvuama, where the focus topic of the assembly was on “SUCCESS.” Altou inspired students, sharing poignant moments of her personal journey on the path to success, which now sees her thriving in her career as a fashion model and body positivity advocate.

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