To educate and inspire through international travels; Crossing borders, removing barriers and opening young minds.

turing mbWhat is Turing?

Our goal at Alexandra Park School (APS) is to maximise the opportunities and experiences of students through education beyond the classroom. All APS staff are committed in our school motto “Success for All” and wish to widen access to every student to enrich themselves by harmonising what binds our subjects and wider society. Turing, provides us some funding to support students in gaining experience of education in alternative settings and importantly to give them the opportunity to develop their knowledge, experiences and interpersonal skills through partnerships with students their own age.  

Throughout the school year 2022/2023 we will be running a total of 10 international trips involving over 300 students visiting countries ranging from the USA, Canada, Denmark, South Korea, Singapore, Thailand, Morocco, Spain and Turkey.  Each trip will have its own specific focus and outcome targets, but all will be underpinned by common values. 


Inclusive Harmony:  We believe that our community is stronger when students have the opportunity to travel and share cultural experiences. 

Global Harmony: We believe that sharing what we have in common enriches lives. 

Academic Harmony: We believe that the thirst for knowledge is historic and global. 

Personal Harmony: We believe that the confidence built through experience creates future ambassadors: people seeking to live in harmony with each other and the Earth.