At Key Stage 4 we continually review our curriculum offer to meet our students' needs and to ensure coherence across the Key Stages, and in line with an ever changing wider curriculum context.

The Curriculum Guide linked below provides full details of the curriculum offer for Key Stage 4 students.

This includes the core curriculum which encompasses the courses that all students take in Years 10 and 11, including those which meet statutory requirements, and full details of the options courses which students are able to take.

The guide also includes specific details of Awarding Bodies’ Specification Codes for relevant courses as well as the course content, details regarding assessment and possible progression routes.

KS4 Curriculum Guide 2022 - 2023

KS4 Curriculum Guide 2023 - 2024 (Yr10-11)

In addition, we have a Bridging Guide which supports students in Year 11 with preparations for their future studies. This is especially useful in the period between completion of GCSEs and the start of Year 12 but many students also find it beneficial to use this when making their choices for further study during Year 11

Y11 Bridging Guide