Pabulum provides catering services at Alexandra Park School.

Pabulum has been at the forefront of delivering nutritious food in schools for over 25 years. Our vision is to improve the next generation’s health and well-being, by shaping the food culture in education. The key to our success has been to constantly challenge and evolve our food offers. 

With our newly launched Enjoy offer, students experience freshly made, inspired destination dishes from around the globe. Destinations include Asian, Best of British, Mexican, Indian, Afro Caribbean & Italian offering a range of meat, fish, vegetarian and vegan dishes.  We feature three of our six destinations every day. 

Below is a sample weekly menu showcasing the principle of a balanced menu with our emphasis being on the importance of providing a wide range of foods across the week. Variety is key, including different fruits, vegetables, grains, pulses, meats, and fish. A copy of the menu can be viewed here.

We value healthy, nutritious food provided by ethical suppliers, and we choose our supply partners based on their commitment to sustainability.

Ronell Thomas
Catering Manager