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School Uniform Information

Our policy on school uniform is based on the belief that school uniform plays a valuable role in contributing to the tone and ethos of the school, promoting a sense of equality amongst our diverse population of students and an understanding of the formal nature of the environment.

A high standard of personal appearance is expected. Uniform should be clean and well maintained. All items of clothing and equipment should be clearly marked with the owner's name. Please take the time to read the School Uniform Policy  as your child may be sent home if the incorrect uniform is worn.

Students are expected to attend school in the correct uniform.  If for any reason a student cannot be in the correct uniform, parents / carers are expected to write a note explaining the reason and when the uniform will be rectified.  Where possible, students will be given uniform to borrow.

We recognise the importance of considering the cost of school uniforms for families and we keep the use of branded items to a minimum.  Some items of uniform can be bought from the school uniform providers, whilst others are easily available, at very competitive prices, at local shops including supermarkets.  Information on where to purchase our uniform, including how to obtain second-hand uniforms, is available below..

School UniformPE Kit
Compulsory Items:
  • School Blazer with embroidered school badge (no sewn on Badges available)
  • School Tie
  • Black Trousers or Black Skirt (Knee Length)
  • White school shirt or blouse
Optional Items:
  • School jumper with embroidered school badge
  • School Scarf
  • School Hat
  • Any plain dark coloured coat
  • APS Shorts
Compulsory Items:
  • Polo Shirt with embroidered school badge
  • Black Shorts or plain black tracksuit bottoms
  • Black Socks
Optional Items:
  • Fleece with embroidered school badge
  • Rain Jacket with embroidered school badge

School Uniform Guidance

Download the APS Uniform Policy 

Download the Parent Guide , P.E. Kit Price List  and Parent Plan .

How and Where to Obtain a Uniform

School Uniform

You can obtain School Uniform in the following ways:

1. ONLINE and IN STORE: London Schoolwear

london schoolwear map 

2. IN-STORE only: Kenzie School Shop

kenzie map

3. Second Hand Uniforms

APSA, our parents association, host termly good quality second hand uniform sales.  Parents can give what they can afford when purchasing.  Information and updates are shared via GroupCall email.  In the interim, if you need specific items of uniform, please contact the APSA chairs (information provided on their web page) or contact your child's director of studies.

You can only obtain the PE Kit online

4. Ties, hats and scarves are also available from the school office

Please note: School Badges can no longer be bought and sewn onto plain black blazers.  Only blazers sold by the suppliers are approved APS school blazers.

How to obtain a PE Kit

A new APS PE kit can only be purchased from the authorised retailer - Sportswear International Ltd.  You can only obtain a new PE kit online.

Please note that the school does not accept deliveries for online orders.

For information on obtaining second-hand PE Kit, see above.