Week in Sport

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Lunch Time Activities
1:30 - 1:55pm
 Monday  Basketball (JOF)
- Sports Hall
 Tuesday Wellbeing Club (BBO)
Wednesday Badminton / Table tennis (PED)
- Sports Hall
Yr 7-11 Girls Basketball (RHA)
- Small Gym
 Thursday Dodgeball (BBO)
- Small Gym
Dodgeball (BBO)
- Small Gym
 Friday  Dance Club (ECO)
- Small Gym
Detentions EW02 (SHA)



After School Activities 3:15 - 5:00pm

Sports hallSmall GymBall CourtOther
Monday  Trampoline (RHA) Yr 8-13 Girls
(External Coach) 3:30
Yr 10 Football (JBU) Detentions EW02 (BBO)
GCSE PE Theory catch up EW02 (BCO)
Rugby Club grass area (External Coach)
U16 Football Girls (Away @ Fortismere)(JOF/BAM)
Tuesday Table Tennis
Primary competition
Yr 8/9
Basketball (BCO)
Yr 7-11 Netball (BBO) Fitness(JBU)
U14 Basketball v Heartlands (Away)(BCO)
ESFA Cup Yr 7/8girls Football v Roding Valley High School Away
Leaving at lunchtime back by 6PM (BAM/Adem)
Wednesday Badminton
3:30 - 4:30
(External Coach)
Yr 10/11
Boys Basketball (BCO) Cancelled due to CTM
Cricket Ball Court Cancelled due to CTM Yr 11 GCSE Revision session EW02 - Exam questions (RHA) Cancelled due to CTM
U16 Girls Basketball Final v St Thomas More (JOF)
Thursday U16 Boys
Basketball v Heartlands (Home) (BCO)
Indoor Athletic (JOF/Adem) Yr 7-11 Netball
U16 Girls Basketball v Grieg City (Away)(JOF) TBC
Yr 7 Girls Football Training at Fortismere on the Astro
Meet at RA school gate 3:30 P.M. (BAM)
Friday       KS4 Girls and Boys Badminton
Away Dukes Academy (SHA)