E-safety for Students

At Alexandra Park School  we are committed to helping our students understand the risks online and taking measures to protect themselves, whether from hackers, viruses, cyberbullies or online strangers that may want to harm them.

Social Media

Many of you are on social media, there can be many benefits such as it invites create expression, allows you to connect with friends, family and likeminded people, it promotes awareness and raises critical thinkers.  However there can also be drawbacks such as it can be a distraction, it can be an invasion of privacy and high on the list for young people is that  there is a high amount of cyber bullying and trolling. 

report harmful content

You should use social media in a responsible and kind way.  If you feel that something harmful is being said please report the harmful content by using the link below.  If members from our community are being unkind please save the content and report it to a parent or a member of staff.


Cyberbullying can include:

  • sending threatening or abusive text messages;
  • creating and sharing embarrassing images or videos;
  • trolling – the sending of menacing or upsetting messages on social networks, chat rooms or online games;
  • excluding children from online games, activities or friendship groups;
  • shaming someone online;
  • setting up hate sites or groups about a particular child;
  • encouraging young people to self-harm;
  • voting for or against someone in an abusive poll;
  • creating fake accounts, hijacking or stealing online identities to embarrass a young person or cause trouble using their name;
  • sending explicit messages, also known as sexting;
  • pressuring children into sending sexual images or engaging in sexual conversations.

If you need to report an incident of bullying or another incident where you have been made to feel unsafe you can report it here

Support for Parents

Talk to your children about Bullying and Cyber-bullying.
If you suspect your child to be a victim of Cyber-bullying listen carefully to what your child has to say. They may feel scared, embarrassed or ashamed that they are a victim to Cyber-bullying and may feel worried about what could happen to them if they speak to anyone about it.

Child exploitation Online Protection

CEOP is the Child Exploitation and Online Protection unit within the National Crime Agency. CEOP also has a reporting system where young people can get advice and report any sexual exploitation online.

What kind of Concerns can be reported to CEOP?
  • ceopSomeone online has asked a child/young person to send them nude images.
  • A child/young person has shared a nude image with someone online and then this person has threatened/blackmailed the child as a result.
  • A child/young person has or is planning to meet up with someone face-to-face that they have only met online.
  • Someone online is talking to a child/young person in a sexual way and making them feel uncomfortable.
  • Someone online is sending child/young person pornography.
  • Someone online keeps asking a child/young person to go on camera.

Cyber-bullying should not be reported to CEOP. You should speak to an adult you trust, and / or contact Childline  on 0800 1111.


The internet is such an integral part of our lives, opening up many educational and social opportunities.  Whether on a computer at school, a laptop at home, a games console or mobile phone, young people are increasingly accessing the internet whenever they can and wherever they are.  We at APS would like you to do this safely and responsibly.

If you have any concerns or need advice about any e-safety issues such as sexting, identity, online relationships, online reputation or anything else please speak to a trusted adult at school.

Download Alexandra Park School's Acceptable Use Guidelines for students 

Physics in action

Physics in action 7th march. What a great way to spend a school day, five inspirational speakers from the world of physics, a session on passing exams from a physics colleague and the whole event hosted by a stand up comedian. 

Physics in action

Here are some student comments:

Physics in action was truly a great an inspirational event that highlighted what we have accomplished as scientists and what we have to solve in the future, which was very enjoyable due to the great talkers and presenters. Vincent
Physics in action has shown me so many different yet interesting areas of physics that I did not even know existed. Listening to professionals talk about their fields of interest with so much passion inspired me to work harder. It was a fun experience and I will remember it.Omed
All the lectures presented by the speakers were certi and gave me insight as to what studying physics would be like at uni. The mandem really loved up Mark Miodownik’s presentation of materials particularly when he merked his phone on job. I felt it was very relevant to issues faced by humanitarian people to solve problems like pollution. The best bit was when he spoke about how even hair is made up of the same thing as chairs and proceeded to touch his bald head.Adib
Physics in action highlighted the different braches of physics and gave insights into the research that is being done in them. It was both interesting and inspiringKelly

Year 7 BAE & RAF Roadshow

On Thursday 8th March three enthusiastic presenters, one robot and a huge fan arrived at APS to deliver a show about maths and engineering to all of our Y7. Here are some comments from the Y7 students.

Year 7 Roadshow 1

I thought it was a great experience and I learnt lots of things about maths and science that I didn't know before. My favourite part was learning about Miya and how much information could be stored in such a tiny body! THANKYOU!!!Alena
I liked the experience because I learned that rad planes had facial recognition and Miya the robot was quite cute and small also she was really smart  so thank you for the amazing experience Ali
I learnt so much, thank you. Orla
I really loved your science show it was really cool, I learnt so much. Bea
It was cool. -Nancy
I think it was awesome and you have given me an idea of how science is really cool and interesting Leo
I'm thinking of being a pilot so this helped me learn what's inside plane ✈️Gil
A description of what it was ????????Billy

Workshop with Robin Mobbs

On Friday 26th January, seventy students from year 12 and year 13 experienced workshops from the excellent Robin Mobbs of the National Space Academy. Robin enthralled the students with his stories of working alongside Tim Peake and the M&M floating around in the ISS. The year 12 session looked at UK space careers and how we lead on satellite production in this country as well as considering Newton’s laws and which other scientists were integral in their formulation. The year 13 students had a session on Kepler’s law where they were able to be hands-on and producing their own sinusoidal representations.

The session inspired the students to think about their futures and hopefully one day APS might have their very own home-grown astronaut.

Student quotes:

Nice job, 9 out of 10, I would recommend because it was brilliant and informativeAlex Y13
I thought it was going to be pretty boring but it was pretty funOmed Y13
EpicChris Y12
Really made me think about being an astronautFran Y12

Kepler’s laws