This is a confidential area of the website. Anything you submit here will be treated in the strictest confidence.

This is a safe and private way to alert staff to a concern. The concern may be big or small, it does not matter. It is just important that you know that if you report your concern here that it will be picked up by staff and your worry will be considered, free of blame or shame. You will need to provide an email address but can remain anonymous. However, it is helpful if you can provide your name or as much detail as possible so that we can support you in the best way. We will always start with a conversation about what has happened. We will then aim to work with you, in partnership, to find the best possible outcome and support for you and anyone else involved or affected.

If you have been the victim of sexual harassment, assault or abuse, there are members of staff who can support you through this difficult and traumatic experience. We understand that it may be hard to talk about incidents and that you may feel more comfortable reporting your concern here.

If you have experienced some kind of bullying or received offensive messages via any social media platform, such as WhatsApp, Instagram, Snapchat or TikTok, or emails, you can forward them or send screen shots via the concern email address at concern@alexandrapark.schoolPLEASE DO NOT SHOW OR EMAIL ANY NUDE OR SEMI-NUDE IMAGES.

If you would prefer, you can also report online abuse directly to the Police via CEOP.

Click here to report a concern

It is important to note that we will follow up on all concerns reported to us. We will always aim to listen without blame or shame, to work with you, to have a conversation and to discuss possible routes of support and action. We may need to speak to your parents / carers or outside agencies but we will always do so in partnership with you.
We understand you may wish to report anonymously, however if we do not have enough information to action fully and we are unable to contact you for more, the outcome may not be thorough as it can be, so please consider sharing if you can.