Year 08

Year 8 Notices Nov. 2018

Mr Richardson writes:

I am both pleased and impressed with the overall start Year 8 have made to the academic year. We are keen, as a year group, to make sure we continue to maintain good habits and develop skills to ready us for Year 9 and Key Stage 4. I was pleased to see that parents and carers turned out in masses for the first Student Progress Day, where I hope you found the meetings with your child’s tutors helpful.

It has been great to see the number of students who have bought into our extracurricular activities drive and have been getting their purple cards signed. We are privileged to have a school that offers so many opportunities to engage in the wider school community. I must thank families for supporting us in strongly encouraging attendance to at least one activity per week. I hope your child begins to see both the social and academic benefits of this, as we have found with previous year groups that have run this initiative.

We are currently achieving over 97% attendance, which evidences the mind-set and attitude your children have returned to school with. As the dark autumn mornings approach, please continue to support your child in coming into school each day. I would also like to ask that where possible, medical appointments are arranged outside school hours. We expect students to come in or return to school if medical appointments are made during the school day.

Please feel free to get in contact with myself or Debbie Wright, Pastoral Support Assistant, if you have any questions or queries.